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  1. The ZBNS MLG settings in a ranked playlist is going to be interesting. Should be fun. Have they mentioned anything about party matching? Not having it makes rank playlists mediocre as fuck.
  2. Spiritual reboot. Perfect opportunity to remove all the nonsense that was added to the franchise over the years. The OG armor should be an indicator of this, hopefully.
  3. Snipedown going off at the end reminded me of that killtrocity (correct me if I’m wrong) that he had on one of those mlg top 10’s back in the day.
  4. LFG!!!!! the last 3 mins were intense as fuck. OG Halo >>>>>>>>> that bullshxxxt congrats Rec
  5. Reach. The last good halo title (post patch). Will def revisit that when the update drops. V7 was serious.
  6. I can’t go back to classic aiming in halo 3 if I play it. I don’t know why anyone would want to tweak the settings to play that way. The og aiming is terrible for many reasons already discussed over the years. More power to you though.
  7. How are y’all liking modern aimimg? I love it. Got modern on h1-h3, adjusted the deadzones....one of the best decisions 343 made for mcc. Gaming all day. So hmu, especially for h1 gt: akademik da kid

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