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  1. The answer is simple, they’re programming this type of aim system into the game. It’s probably their way of trying to balance the shooting. I believe they think it makes their games mire skillful having heavy aim, bloom, spread, etc… all of it. You don’t go from halo 4/modern aiming to forgetting how to program crispy aiming. That doesn’t make sense and I’m surprised the community haven’t asked this question yet.
  2. How long is this tired argument going to be regurgitated? Being passionate about Halo doesn’t exempt you from criticism. We’ve heard about 343 being passionate since they took over from Bungie.
  3. You’re wrong papa, but that’s ok. I can hit you with the H1 Pistol from the moon, if I’m accurate enough. A utility weapon is useful at all ranges IF wielded properly.
  4. I’m definitely not bored enough to do that. I was scrolling the timeline, saw an infinite tweet and read the replies like I normally do and one of them stood out. More power to the people that do that type of thing. btw..that John Wick video was comedy
  5. Saw his tweet a few minutes ago and said the same thing. You can see who is fishing for some self serving reason and who speaks on the game for the voiceless and to make it better or worst for everyone.
  6. It was a reply to a tweet that got a decent Amount of replies. This wasn’t some random standalone tweet my guy You think the larger fanbase that probably has those same views all have popular social media accounts? If you see me post anything said on social media the last thing I cared about was the amount of feedback it got. It’s the ideology that sticks out to me first and foremost.
  7. These are guys that hop from game to game. They don’t put it any time or work into halo and want to argue game mechanics. Yet they are the ones that game developers create games for, because they buy everything. It’s all a business. 343 does not care to create a great shooter. They are trying to make a game they can sell to as many people as possible, without realizing this is Halo, the name sells itself, you can actually create an incredible playing shooter.
  8. You can tell many of them want to get into the industry. I can smell the fake from a mile away. A lot of it is viewership/sponsorship/job position. A lot of these guys are trying their hardest to sell “omg best halo ever”.
  9. A halo professional in 2021. Wow. We’ve begged and pleaded for years while he was in diapers for a more responsive and faster strafe to enhance combat…sigh this is another one of his strange opinions that as a competitive player confuses me. The comment about the sniper being too difficult now was pure comedy.
  10. Halo 3. A game that came out in 2007 has a better matchmaking system than 343 ever did. Searching a 4v4 playlist with a party of two? Match another party of two plus randoms for both teams. Searched with a party of three? Sometimes you get a 3v3. Searching solo? The majority of games are against other solo players. you never felt like the game system was gonna screw you over if you had no friends to play with at the moment. Easily the best matchmaking system Halo has ever had. For example, playing a 2v2 playlist on MCC is a nightmare. Going in solo you’re asking to get screwed over because 90% of the time, you’re playing a team. You get punished by 343 for not having a friend online to play with. You get uneven matched teams, teammates with no mics, etc and the experience is terrible. Go play the H1 playlist alone, lol. Now imagine 4s in the other playlists. matchmaking should be fun for all skill levels and party types.
  11. I was playing against the bots for close to an hour last night and while there was an improvement with the performance (series x) the aiming is still off. My thumb was aching a bit after because I had to do too much working against the aiming issues. I hopped on MCC after and instantly modern aiming felt better. Vertical aiming feels weird regardless of sensitivity, using the sniper is the worst it’s been the entire series. I have no idea what the issue is or how the main input of a shooter feels this off. I can only imagine what PC players are going through.
  12. the more randomness the more inclusive the game will be to all skill levels. Imagine Poker with Guns.
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