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  1. 343 is terrible. New game. Same shit. This is their next gen title. Comical.
  2. The Same topics and convos have been recycled for as long as mpg forums/beyond existed. Hilarious.
  3. Of course they wouldn’t update the playlist with the party restriction features. Good lord. Smh
  4. Wow...they actually brought back the H3 matchmaking party restrictions. Wow. Finally.
  5. Idgaf if it’s 10 players in the playlist. Party restrictions is necessary to the overall enjoyment and competitiveness of multiplayer matchmaking. 343 might as well not even call it a ranked playlist if I can go in with 3 friends and get matched with 4 solo players all day. Not to mention getting matched with players outside of my skill level almost every game. How is that fair or fun to either team? ranked playlist have turned into social playlists with a number next to your name when there is no party restrictions. I would rather search and wait a while knowing that I am getting players based on the party size i searched with and close to my rank in whatever playlist I’m playing. This way I know the game will try to produce the best match possible. That’s what a proper matchmaking system should do and there hasn’t been one on this level since halo 3. That’s pathetic and putting the blame on population is a cop out to bad decision making. 343 can keep their current version of matchmaking, but at least give me the options to customize it a bit to search for party restrictions and skill levels if I want. I rather wait 15 mins to find a game than get matched with guys that play campaign for a living vs. a team of 4. But that’s me.
  6. Is reach going to have party restrictions for ranked playlists? If not....shit is going to be mediocrity again in terms of matchmaking
  7. The ZBNS MLG settings in a ranked playlist is going to be interesting. Should be fun. Have they mentioned anything about party matching? Not having it makes rank playlists mediocre as fuck.
  8. Spiritual reboot. Perfect opportunity to remove all the nonsense that was added to the franchise over the years. The OG armor should be an indicator of this, hopefully.
  9. Snipedown going off at the end reminded me of that killtrocity (correct me if I’m wrong) that he had on one of those mlg top 10’s back in the day.
  10. LFG!!!!! the last 3 mins were intense as fuck. OG Halo >>>>>>>>> that bullshxxxt congrats Rec
  11. Reach. The last good halo title (post patch). Will def revisit that when the update drops. V7 was serious.
  12. I can’t go back to classic aiming in halo 3 if I play it. I don’t know why anyone would want to tweak the settings to play that way. The og aiming is terrible for many reasons already discussed over the years. More power to you though.
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