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  1. there is a valid reason for it, they maps wouldn't work without those features
  2. these remix maps are TERRIBLE!! the first 2 maps were MUCH better
  3. anybody know what the update is for? i downloaded it, not finding ANY games in CE right now lol
  4. how about we make maps that are NEW
  5. i got 4 players found then nobody else, this is bullshit lol
  6. cocaine and hookers is a must, we can share the other things :P
  7. why is that? we had to record our own shit back in the good ole days anyways
  8. my concerns "is the game good? yup, ok plays game"
  9. then enlighten me almighty one and dont even say h3 first
  10. what it will be 1 h2 2 h3 3 ce 4 h2a 5 h4 what it should be 1 h2 2 ce 3 h2a 4 h3 5 h4
  11. ill be buying it and playing it up till MCC release
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