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  1. Yeah, i saw that entire part already & i still won't believe anything until i see some actual changes. They already Bullshitted everyone on release with the whole "Halo 2 will be the original H2 from 2004 xbox blah blah" & it was just the vista one. So not holding my breath but we'll see how the fuck up this time.
  2. New title screen looks nice but none of this (for me anyway) matters one bit. Unless they finally decide to put the OG halo 2 instead of the vista port.
  3. Team twitter @Team_cR
  4. Will these along with the team ones be purchasable? If so any idea when the team ones will go live?
  5. What's this Mythic warzone req pack i saw get tweeted.
  6. As much as i'm a halo fan (Mainly a halo 2 fan for life) Halo 5 looks pretty nice. Did this just because i'm still a fan. Enjoy! http://i.imgur.com/DjqlpIU.jpg
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