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  1. Really happy with the stream today. The replays were great, and the filler content was pretty cool too. Can't wait for tomorrow. LET'S GO STR8
  2. Man, today is nuts. Str8 clutches it out after a roller coaster of a season and OpTic seals the deal. L F G
  3. @@CyReN does Team Beyond have a glassdoor listing for resident ketchup fanboy???? I'm ready.
  4. The editing was pretty crazy, but I definitely had fun with this. Also cool to hear Static-X in something!
  5. THIS IS GOLD. Shit gets better and better as it goes. 11/10
  6. The problem is it can easily come off negative to the people not aware it is an inside joke (e.g., fucking everybody else).
  7. I regret ALL the dubu I gave bubu over the course of this season
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