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  1. What's so bad about AGL Brad? Obviously I didn't follow Halo 4 AGL xD
  2. They still play in loser bracket I believe (if they lose, looks like they will win game 3)
  3. Ogre 2 absolutely destroyed C9 my god... GOAT
  4. With the way Cloud 9 has been playing, getting 0-11'd twice, always winning, bad communication, I truly honestly believe they won't crack top 8 for season 2. Yeah they perform better on LAN but we have so many online cups, there's no way they can have enough points to be in top 8 at the end of the season imo
  5. Anybody having a hard time finding matches lately? :/
  6. The tournament tonight, does it count toward HCS at all or is it just a fun small tourney?
  7. Dang, that pretty much confirms he doesn't want to take the time and learn the new stuff. :/
  8. Hey guys, I've been lurking on this website for a while and I finally decided to make an account! Can somebody tell me what was Ogre 2's reaction to halo 5? Somebody said it was bad and he won't compete in that game?
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