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  1. This is great to hear. Having info ASAP will help me attend one event.
  2. I LOVE YOU VIVI AND EVERYBODY ELSE ON 343/ESL FOR LISTENING TO FEEDBACKS!!! This is absolutely fantastic so far!!!
  3. Nah. These are unreliable sources. HCS leaks said it will be today so that's how we know it's today.
  4. We had an update about 2-3 weeks before H5 came out so it was like the last week of September
  5. I agree, the word was "soon" but I also recall on like Thursday, somebody said late this week... Correct?
  6. Master Chief is getting old so he can no longer sprint. Boom.
  7. We were told we would have pro league info this week right? It is now Monday so they're late. C'mon 343 pls.
  8. Their chemistry is unheard of. It's amazing to watch actually
  9. That happened to me a couple of times. He's one shot, so Frosty was probably feeling very confident he could easy kill him, he's barely concentrating on making sure his shots land. After a couple of shots did not land, he begins to panic and miss even more. That is the progress of what I go through when that happens to me lmao
  10. Exactly. There's a reason why CLG is so good. They scrim almost every single day.
  11. This. I can't remember what Eric said to you but it was like it's fine because of the info they're releasing soon? It's a good idea to practice everyday regardless of what's happening.
  12. Bad servers, no pro league info, horrible arena map refresh, game has been worse since March/April update.... All of that have completely killed any interest I have in playing this game. 343 pls
  13. No I know dude! It's just a risky risk to have for online pro league
  14. 2gre has been having this problem for a while... Who knows what's happening to him with teams but if teams are avoiding him due to his Internet problems, then he needs to move to a different place. It's his job, his income, his life. If he can't compete, then he can't make money. That's what I would do, move to a different place if he literally can't solve it.
  15. Gotcha. Yeah I've had my since January and I try really hard to be careful to not press it too hard and reduce the amount of times I press it. It's a shame that happened to many people. I heard the next wave of elite controller will have that issue fixed
  16. @@Moa, Moa it's either you press LB hard as fuck, play too much and wear it out a lot, or you just have the worst luck. Curious which one it is
  17. Does anybody know if 343 pro team had any roles in refreshing the maps?
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