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  1. Yep, I fully agree with you. It's flawed for sure but if you do watch his stream, you'll see he's deadly accurate. So that picture helps confirm little bit more even though if it's not perfect
  2. I've been saying this for a while, Contra has the best shot in the game and that picture proves it. My god.
  3. @@h1summer dude, are you ok? You're usually really cool and chill but today was a bad day. You ok man?
  4. Wow! This is a really long one and I love it. I like seeing the improvements you've made through feedbacks, it was definitely noticeable so nice job!! Also, Vivi, thank you so much for being so awesome!!
  5. Thank you for keeping up with the community spotlight grind. <3 They are very fun to read
  6. "Warzone pro" How much money do you make farming in Warzone?
  7. Hahahaha, no worries! I understand. Yeah I agree, it's pretty awesome
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