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  1. @ Adam I just want to say you are awesome, thank you very much for still interacting with Halo community. I hope one day MLG will be able to run Halo just like the old days.
  2. So what happens to elevate if they lose? Do they just stay in AM?
  3. Pls pls pls don't start this again. We went through this shitstorm 2 days ago.
  4. Yeah add me on the list please. I'll join if I'm on. :^) Eclipsicle
  5. Randa is the hero Team Beyond does not deserve. But for real though, I hope he does actually periscope his match haha.
  6. This is just sad. Please bring back MLG. These guys were amazing.
  7. Just realized we're gonna have to listen to Ninja fanboys spam "Cloud 9 or die" again :'(
  8. Yeah I'm down to join you guys again. Last night was very fun, had a couple of clutch flag caps
  9. @@PaPaMikwen, just wanna say you're like the coolest dad ever, please keep posting on Team Beyond.
  10. Just a thought, since Dan actually acknowledged MCC, what if they're remaking it from scratch with somebody who knows what they're doing and sell it for huge discount to all MCC owners? Yeah I know the odds of that happening is almost none, but it would be cool.
  11. It wasn't false retirement... Naded used the word "break".... So how is it false retirement? Pretty sure he said multiple times he intends to return next season.
  12. @@Sal1ent Hey Josh, just wondering, has there been anything you learned from H5 you would like to change in H6? One of the main concern I have is H6 not having much contents at launch again like H5. I truly believe if you have a lot to offer at launch, it would be much more enjoyable game. Hope to hear your thoughts.
  13. It's not EVERY Xbox game anymore. Microsoft changed that quote
  14. That's exactly why I left Beyond company. We would have like 40 inactive players and they would stay on for weeks and weeks. My new company has minimum percentage you have to get per week in multiple certain commendations or you will get booted. Because of that, it's moving incredibly fast and we should get the helmet in 3 weeks.
  15. Ok Cratos. We believe you. It was a joke just in case you couldn't tell.
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