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  1. Looks like Royal 1 is making a comeback, not sure what or where. My guess is CLG coach again
  2. That was hands down the best Halo video I've seen in a long time. This video is exactly what we need after every series during Fall League or LAN events, only show parts which direction all players went, how did they block spawns, etc. That will help viewers understand tremendously. Some feedbacks I have is if possible, make the panels on left/right/bottom little bit smaller so gameplay screen is bigger. On bottom panel, instead of putting like sniper can kill an enemy with a headshot, put both team's record on that certain map/gametype, both team's overall record against each other, which player usually performs the best on that map/gametype. It will help viewers understand which team/player usually shines on that map/gametype. Keep up the great work, this is absolutely fantastic. I will watch every single one of these videos guaranteed.
  3. Looks like Snakebite might catch 343 lying again.... Really hope that's not the case :/
  4. Not gonna lie, the thoughts of Halo possibly moving to PC is making me depressed. I love consoles, I don't want to switch over to PC.
  5. If that's the case, then it's strange how it took months while most other games would normally be 24-48 hours late. But I know what you're saying.
  6. Guys.... When ODST came to MCC, there was an achievement I unlocked but it was glitched so it said "Done! Unlocking...." I got that achievement the first week it was added and I just officially unlocked it today. This game is totally not broken.
  7. Halo using MLG event and pictures to promote their event when they refuse to work with MLG right now. Edit: Saw your edit after I typed it
  8. Mikwen and Snipe post makes sense, but Ola and Huke could stream it too. This is an excellent opportunity to get people excited for Pro League and we can't watch it. I'm just frustrated
  9. I'm pissed at both CLG and nV. You guys know we have been wanting to watch this scrim for a long time and once you guys finally scrim each other, you guys decide to not stream it. This is just sad.
  10. nV is finally official. I wonder why Snipedown said they weren't teaming like two weeks ago.
  11. SUPER late to the party but I did make a comment in MCC thread like 5 months ago that I noticed Ghost was playing MCC H4 custom on Haven for like 8 hours a day for a full week. Pretty sweet I saw this coming.
  12. My guess on the weapon skin is the Tron/Neon skin like the one Vetoed posted on here little while ago. Edit: Vetoed pretty much confirmed it on Twitter. LET'S GO! I will never change my skin lmao.
  13. Gears absolutely 100% deserve to have viewership higher than Halo. They're doing everything right.
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