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  1. The new community manager at 343, Sketch, talked about MCC in today's weekly update. He said the team still knows about it, still talks about it, didn't really say if we will have another update. Guess it's better than Bravo not acknowledging MCC. But I'm looking forward to see what he will do for Halo, seems like a really good dude.
  2. I haven't played Halo 5 in a month and half and it's barely been out for a year and I have no desire to play it anytime soon... and I still play Halo 3 nine years later. 343 plz Oh and Halo 5 is usually between 16-17th place for most played game. Once COD 4 comes out, I fully expect H5 to fall out of top 20. So sad to think about it when Halo 3 had over 300,000 players for 3 years.
  3. I'm glad Che is no longer with Halo and HCS. That's all I have to say with that.
  4. Will we have another no radar tournament? Loved watching today's stream.
  5. See 343? We kind of know what we're talking about. They need to trust us more often
  6. Can we all take a poll to have you stop posting until your poll is ready?
  7. To anybody trying to type in the codes from Gears stream, redeem code is completely down. I got a code from Microsoft a while ago for Forza, I just typed that code and I still got the same error message :/
  8. @@CyReN (Cyren) will 100% agree with you since he mentions it every single week.
  9. We will lose viewers every time Optic is done playing no matter what happens. Most of them only watch them when they're playing.
  10. I'm singling him out because ESL punished him the worst out of everybody, that's a sign they know something we don't. Yes, I know they both live there as well. Edit: Saw T2's tweet. I take this back. Guess we don't know who did it for sure
  11. Oh yeah of course, we don't know for sure, however there's a chance ESL knows something we don't. There's a reason why Cratos had the most punishment out of everybody
  12. Cratos should have got suspended for the remaining of Fall Season. E6 will be allowed to pick a player to replace him. That would have been the best punishment imo. Edit: Saw T2's tweet, I take this back.
  13. If I remember correctly, Microsoft bought the rights from Bungie so Bungie cannot use anything related to Halo again. Could be wrong, just what I remembered
  14. Oh yeah I forgot to add Naded found a way to go to place that was even higher than red on blue. Yeah it's not balanced right now hahaha
  15. Are you talking about rocks by Red base? That's not a glitch, 343 added it because you couldn't do it on blue base, wasn't fair.
  16. Lethul's chat is pure fire right now. Managed to troll him TWICE. FeelsGoodMan
  17. It's real. Look at Optic's twitter or look at the stream right now. Maniac is retiring in 2 weeks.
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