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  1. Maybe I'm in one of my "too beaten down to believe anything can change" moods again, but I feel like even if we got everything we wanted at this very moment we would still be way too late in H5's lifespan to make a difference. We would all be ecstatic but 343 would be looking at numbers and honestly the new player ship left the dock soon after worlds ended.


    Hopefully I'm wrong.




    Also @@Neighbor Descope, flag drop, scoreboard whilst in motion, etc. Thank you for RE-adding those features into H5, but the fact that those are the pro teams contributions makes me want to laugh and cry simultaneously. This is not meant to be an insult directed towards you or the pro team.

    Accident neg =(
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  2. Yeah, about this server browser...why are we not more excited about this? H5 has a stupid good forge. These customs are going to be bonkers. We should be hosting Beyond lobbies and streaming that shit. Its gonna be fun af.


    I've wanted a server browser in Halo since 2004, and I'm finally getting one in 3 days. I feel like we're not nearly as excited for this as we should be.

    I'll be down to join the lobby if this update is actually as good as everybody saying it will be
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  3. Random but do you guys still play anymore? I stopped for the part a couple months back when my friends did. I hop on now to just to make sure our FFA gametype hasn't reset (happens from time to time). Was curious, while this game is technically better competitively than Halo 4, I just have no drive to play it at all. Just something about it never truly felt "Halo" to me when playing. It's a great sci-fi space shooter though.

    It's a fantastic sci-fi space shooter game, bad game for Halo.

    I haven't played H5 in 2-3 months so yeah there you go

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