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  1. Halo 3: 7,253 Halo Reach: 1,094 Halo 4: 546 Halo 5: 2,237 Halo MCC: 1,926 Wanted to share mine. It was very interesting to see everybody's # of games played.
  2. I'm not buying that tweet. He literally said that like 20 times and didn't follow through... Fingers crossed it's legit this time.
  3. Just $1 million dollars??? Where has all of these req money has been going to the last 6 months??
  4. Good god.... the update is looking awfully promising so far.... Hopefully they actually deliver this time.
  5. I'll be down to join the lobby if this update is actually as good as everybody saying it will be
  6. Yes, both of them. It sure feels like Quinn has the final say in everything when it comes to Team Arena.
  7. It's SO clear what Halo eSport fans/players want at this point, if 343 (Quinn) does not change anything next season then H5 will have no hope. Literally, next season is make or break for the rest of H5's eSport future.
  8. I don't believe anything Frankie has to say. Not getting hyped until I see it
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