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  1. It seems I'm no longer VIP, and I'm curious as to why? When the initial sign ups launched, I was promised lifetime access for my donation - was this not the case? Please let me know, thanks team!
  2. Dang that's pretty coincidental they have the same birthday too
  3. They should exclude everybody except me from the next FFA, sick of people taking MY money.
  4. Stay close boys-nuts to butts
  5. Saying please? Not picking fights for no reason?? Are you lost m8??? But what I meant was that he comes from some position of power. He cashes (very well deserved) checks from this company that everybody here shitlins on ad nauseum. My question is if "he feels so strongly" why isn't he bringing this up to relevant people? Why is he saying sorry the stream is down then coming back to his old lunch table like he didn't just get extra recess while we did algebra. I'm drunk stop encouraging me
  6. This is the first season I haven't been 3-4+ pages behind. I'm consistently refreshing only to see no new posts. I'm gonna drop some open ended arguments with little merit, please neg with care and pour yourself a drink and join me. Mose, you silly shill. Should have just posted the rant- you're not getting a job at 343 just be yourself boo. Simms, you sound like the townie who still hangs out with high schoolers ( insert non freedom unit scholarly equivalent here ). We all know what could be better about halo. You're coming in here and saying sweet mutha uhv ayyylo muh hitmahhhkers in some weird attempt to garner our support and treat you as one of us feels weird and fake(is that what ESL is paying you to do?). You're already the goat bro just drop the pitchfork or quit your job and become full time forum poster. Cratos, thanks for the laughs lol at plat 4s questioning your halo ability Royal 2, bro you wouldn't know a good tv show if it came out of your syrup bottle and landed right on your pancakes. If you ever talk down to GoT again I swear I'll extend Splyce's bed time another hour and you can stay Royal 2.....nd place. Mike why did you betray snakebite he needed you and you went rogue.. Spartan probably will get on another roninesque team, are we actually interested in this stuff? 32 friends playing politics under the illusion of pro league and you guys still pretend it's exciting. Idk hurdur roster mania nobody is beating optic at world's - and if they did it'll be 4 of 28 people. Have you guys ever seen Kong Skull Island? I'm watching it right now it's pretty cool. There's this one dude that's been stranded on this island like 30 years with a bunch of tribe people and monsters, I bet he was bangin at least one of the indigenous individuals. Scaryotic is clueless and I'm in no way supporting his comment, however - Situation aside does anybody else get sick of the SJW kids on twitter acting like he shit on Gandhi's grave for their only chance to be relevant? Again yeah he's silly but do you even know the parties involved or are you pretending you care cause Eco wasn't happy and maybe you'll get on liquid. Audley, analyze deez nuts that walking gif unnecessarily tilts me and makes me think I'd hate you. You're on these forums so I'm sure it's just a mental, can I buy you a beer next event so I don't associate you with that (unexplainabley) triggering gif? Atlanta was awesome dreamhack wise, however, and I know it's been said, but ESL can't run a tourny. As an AM, henceforth referred to as customer, I was so disappointed. Aside from waiting 3 hrs past the scheduled start time to play, we played one game then net crash made us wait another 4 hrs. Game 2, someone's wireless controller was signing in and rendering mine useless for the latter half of the game. Tried bringing this up to a "ref" (probably proverbs buddy with nothing better to do) and he said "yeah you can sign in" and walked off. I'm guessing he had to go pay McDonalds for another 15 minutes of internet. My cup is empty and Samuel L Jackson is getting serious in this movie so I'm gonna go. Hopefully this gives you guys some fuel so when I wake up I can read more than 3 posts. Much love tb.
  7. I can't think of a clever first page post, just drop the rep and move on boys. Looking forward to seeing how OS does this season.
  8. You guys are ungrateful. You should all be using mobile Hotspot to connect and finish your series. ESL can't do everything for you
  9. https://twitter.com/Capitalist_GB/status/888515998478852097 If anybody wants a laugh
  10. An hour later we've been instructed to "turn off your xbox and turn it back on". Super glad they're hard at work with innovative fixes. No of course that didn't fix it.
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