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  1. First thing I thought of. All the people saying Ogre 2 was washed feeling vindicated
  2. Good shit sk0ls. Love that you used Band of Horses too
  3. Game is unplayable searching solo. Needs mm restrictions desperately. Anyone wanting to run games add me. partytimeX0
  4. I've been hitting "y" and it's been the best for me. Tried "Lt", but it only works if you have nades, and you end up nading yourself/teammates lol
  5. Been at work since 5:45; never have done morning prep this fast in my life. So ready to game. Anyone on are 1:30 eastern and wants to game, add me. Gt: partytimeX0
  6. Seriously, dude. They played a game of Stronghold early where they had a sick comeback to win by 4. It was a blast to watch
  7. This is awesome stuff, guys. Really appreciate all the hard work you guys have put in for two+ years to keep this community not only alive, but in a position to thrive and grow to something that reflects the glory days of Halo's fps dominance. I can assure my next paycheck will provide a more than necessary donation. Not a crazy one though, still a broke 22 year old lol. Awesome stuff, dudes!
  8. Playing HCS right now, down for whatever though. Gt: partytimeX0
  9. I can respect that. Like I said, H3 was my first Halo game I ever played. I dabbled in Halo 2, played maybe 10 or 12 hours and really enjoyed it, but it was just too late in it's life cycle for me to keep playing it. That allowed me to become well acclimated, and honestly quite found of how H3 plays and feels. I'm excited to delve into Halo 2 and CE so I can really get a grasp on what you Halo scientists are talking about when you talk about the issues with games. I never really get upset with things like FOV and game speed. I just kind of judge a game based on how it's played. How the utility weapon feels, map design, and how grenades/power weapons work is basically my criteria. I don't notice things like aim acceleration, bullet magnetism, FOV, any of the stuff you forum guys cite whenever you make claims about why certain games are better. No hate though. I understand there are factors of core halo principles that are omitted seemingly after every new Halo game. This is what allows our community to come to a consensus about what games are good, (CE, 2, 3), and what games are not so good, (Reach and 4). I really respect you guys that know the intricacies of every Halo game, but sometimes I feel like you guys put on a lab coat and goggles to play instead of just focusing on the most important factors, having fun on a game that isn't complete dog shit.
  10. Didn't realize how many people disliked Halo 3. That's what got me started in halo, so it will always be my baby. I'm excited for everything in the MCC, (except H4), but mostly for 2 and 3. I'll put a solid 5 days or so in Ce, but I'm gonna played the shit out of 3 and 2. I feel like you guys aren't giving enough credit to dedis and what they will do for a lot of H3's problems. Sure there are netcode issues, even on lan, but it's going to be so nice not having to worry about BS host and shots dropping on a regular basis. Maybe im just an H3 kid lol.
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