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  1. Really? I am not saying that we shouldn't support pros nor am I saying that Denial was right, but I feel like your first statement is misguided. It is absolutely the responsibility of the player to read and understand the contract. Maybe Mikwen and co. didn't fulfill their obligations, maybe they did. No one here has actually seen the contract except for the included parties. I am not saying form a union, but a group of well involved pros should come together and look at various org's contracts to try and create a standard that isn't ambiguous and sets realistic expectations for the players. I don't know how orgs like EG, CLG, etc. are about sharing contracts, but I feel like that would a great way to have a core set of facets for all Halo players and could prevent situations like these.
  2. @@Mikwen Have any of you considered small claims court? If it was clearly set out in the contract then it should be a straightforward case.
  3. Yeah, but has anyone actually read the contract? For all we know, the players didn't live up to their obligations. I know it is easy to side with the pros but what else are the pros going to say? That they didn't oblige the contract? Edit: Accidently tagged someone.
  4. Honestly for 95% of the people here, myself included, it is hearsay. I do know he had to go to the hospital at his event for WFX. I don't know if a former teammate said something, or multiple teammates even, but ever since I've read these forums he has always been associated with his phenomenal shot and his terrible attitude. Edit: ^
  5. It's hilarious that you are talking about sucking up to pros as you, after the fact, agree with the pro who gets sucked up to the most.
  6. Nah man, Lethul said it so it must be true. Seriously though, When Contra is brought up people always bring up his behavior issues. I hope he grows and matures to become a teammate that others can get along with. He is always one of my favorite tournament POVs to watch.
  7. I have absolutely no idea if APG and Hysteria have teamed together before, but that would be an interesting dynamic. They both have very strong type A personalities.
  8. Qualification 2 seems kind of flimsy. Maybe you should try to quantify it a bit more. Case by case sounds like a euphemism for selective choosing based on how you feel about the candidate.
  9. Haha, any other time you posted these thoughts on Ninja you would be plus repped like you were a pro. The bandwagon hype is real for the Halo community.
  10. Guys, I just played HCS playlist with the gt "Ogre1 HCS". Intel????
  11. I know it is a minor thing, but I feel like the loser of the WB final shouldn't have to turn around and play in the LB final while the team already in LB can relax until LB final. Maybe in future LANs they should play the WB final on Saturday and LB semifinal on Sunday.
  12. Denial and EG in the WB final. The loser plays CLG in the LB final. 4th - C9 5th/6th - Optic and WFX 7th/8th - Ex and TL
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