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  1. I was back in Halo 4 & H2A, but not for H5. He's still my boy though.
  2. I still don't get why pro players haven't given this guy a shot. He destroys them in custom 8s and MM. I guess they don't want a cool, calm, and collective slayer
  3. I'll never understand the logic that those people have. It's no fun if everyone has the same opinion. Then the only difference between everyone would be their outer appearance.
  4. I'll tell you how people can play this game. It's because the game is fun as hell. :holmes:
  5. Pretty sick..............but I want rockets and bullets
  6. It has probably been at least a decade since I've heard anything about BattleBots before last night. I don't know why, but I like it. Wish people would take it to the next level with rockets/bullets though.
  7. I felt so bad for him when he got knocked out. Wish he would try to compete on Master Chef again.
  8. It does look like he's enjoying it so hopefully it works out for him.
  9. Watched it for the first time tonight. Awesome to see all of the different types of robots that people make with all of the different weapons and strategies that go into each one of them. They had the Top 16 seeds going at each other with the same format that Major League Gaming used back in Halo 3. (1st Seed vs 16th Seed) Made me feel like I was watching Major League Gaming again. They had pretty much the same bleaches that mlg used back in the day as well. Probably going to watch it again.
  10. He is now hyping up the crowd on Battlebots (Far Left)
  11. I actually do pick CE if the other choices are smg/ar start.
  12. http://www.twitch.tv/7emperistic
  13. http://www.twitch.tv/7emperistic I usually stream only Halo, but am interested in Battlefield HL, Hearthstone, and other games once I get my streaming PC. I started streaming from my Xbox about a month ago and the results have been fantastic. Great quality with minor to no bugs at all. I recommend that people start testing out their stream on their Xbox to see how it goes.
  14. It was still a good interview/episode and I can't wait for the next one. Try to get Ogre 2, Tsquared, or Snipedown for the next one.
  15. Hey throoper just wanted to let you know that the links for Arkanum's social media in the description of the video are Ninja's.
  16. If Derelict had a better spawn system then I would've picked it. For that reason I am going with Cold Storage even though I know that it is complete crap compared to the original.
  17. http://teambeyond.net/halo-5-guardians-multiplayer-beta-changes/ If you look at the changes that they will be making to Halo 5 now I don't think you can crucify anyone for buying the game anymore. The name Halo may not hold any meaning to you, but it holds a special place in a lot of this communities hearts. You have a very strong opinion and I appreciate the time that you took out of your day to respond to my post.
  18. I participated in varsity soccer and badminton in high school as well as other after school activities. I did well enough in school to get my diploma so I wouldn't say that Halo ever hindered me from doing anything productive outside of the video game world. It kept me from doing drugs, hanging out with the wrong people, and generally just staying out of trouble. It only shielded my from the bad things, but I will say that I skipped some days of school here and there for Halo
  19. Why play Halo anymore? Halo has done more for me then I could possibly explain. I am not sure how many people are ride or die with this franchise, but I am one of them. I won't pre-order Halo 5, but since I am ride or die I will inevitably be buying it within a week after it releases. I firmly believe that if I didn't have Halo when I was a teenager I probably would have gotten involved with drugs and other things. After school all I could think about was hopping on some Halo with my team or friends. This negated even the slightest urge to do anything stupid as a teenager. I'm not sure how many people in the Halo community can say that Halo has kept them in check as a kid going into adulthood, but for me it is very true. When I look at other games they just seemed like video games to me, but when I look at Halo I see something that has helped me through life. It is more than a video game to me because of these reasons. With that being said I repay my debt to this franchise by being ride or die with it. I will always hate 343, but I could never have any hatred for this franchise.
  20. I believe that you are 14 with that level of immaturity.
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