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  1. Need a teammate for the tourney asap. Message me sniper Rified . Wanna to at go far so please at pair skilled .
  2. I need a solid teammate looking to go far in the tourney. Go thru strats and pre game plan. I love halo as a passion . I have had 50sin mlg on a bunch of accs I know that doesn't mean much. I can step my game up when I surround myself around good players. Add me . Sniper Rified . We can run some games or sometimes .
  3. Add me sniper rified . I'm good . Halo 3 I've had 50 mlgs and every playlist. We can run games or something
  4. Gamer tag : Sniper Rified MM/PGL Looking for more skilled players
  5. i just recently bought another monitor after using a hdtv. It's a Samsung hdmi model number s22e310h. I went through the settings on the Xbox one and i want to know about the color depth. 24,30,36. Bpp. For high quality gaming do these settings apply. Another thing is color space that has a option PC RGB. Does that make a difference. I just want the best picture quality out of the monitor. I know it's not the top notch monitor I just wanna optimize with what I got. Halo would be the game i am using this for. I just have never heard any of the pros talk about it on stream so I'd thought I'd ask this growing community
  6. Thy judge not lol. Its only because I live in two different states. Pay 100 a month for cable/phone/internet at my other place which I am rarely there atm, but I'm not paying more money if u get what I am saying. (:
  7. The reason being.. Is because I'm running of my neighbors WiFi lol. And I get 3\2 bars on the xbox. 4/5 bars on laptop. Just wondering if the xbox has a stronger WiFi. Because its direct WiFi instead of latop->xbox.
  8. I have a question, which one is better using the xbox one WiFi or hooking up ur xbox to ur laptop and using internet sharing. which one would get the best signal/speed.
  9. GT: Sniper Rified MM: ranked or HCS. high skilled players Region: USA
  10. GT: Sniper Rified Customs: MLG gametypes Region: USA central
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