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  1. For any of you: If you guys need a sub/Team practice at all add: This is ORANGE always down to play, on every night.
  2. Just another exemplar of how much of a disconnect there is between the people hosting HCS and the people who actually are involved with HCS and its progression. I think that the 3 maps we have arent broken, so we should not fix them because asking 343i to fix something is just giving them an opportunity to "SoonTM" us. Just suck it up and wait for H2A to die already. I feel like as soon as the only person who seems to care about us (That being Sa1lient) will be entirely protective of his baby, so he wont let us go down the wrong path in the future. Just sit tight everyone, wait for this season to be over and we're home free. How long between halo 5 release and HCS season 3?
  3. They've hinted at multiple different game types. Honestly with they way they've balanced the game, I'd be happy with this standard lineup. We're in for a treat friends, and with the collectable gear and stuff it's going to bring a whole new population. I get the vibe that we have only been talking about the tip of he proverbial iceberg. The meat is still left to be uncovered.
  4. Taking old console games and reformatting has done a world of hurt for the game. Halo 5 will bring us happiness. I think they've learned their lesson lol.
  5. Anyone mention the spawning late into games bug? Specifically on my secondary xbl accounts on my Xbox I'll spawn 10-20 Seconds late into games. Very frustrating... Always miss out on power weapons lol.
  6. Contra said its because they needed a sub and he wasnt old enough to play so they were DQ'd for this specific cup.
  7. Honestly, just post whatever and whenever you want, we're gonna like it. The problem is that people "Start" youtube and a week later theyre all done. There is major money to be made in the console FPS youtube game and not many are taking control of it. Just keep pumping out content, it wont work right away but consistency is key! Ps i watched your stream all last night, it was awesome dude. Youre killer.
  8. This is wild. Guys made more money during a single stream than an average american makes in 2 weeks. Grats @@Ninja, the hangover is well worth it.
  9. Like i said in the pages 250-350 somewhere, Elumnite was extremely overlooked the entire rostermania. Hes top tier for sure.
  10. Complain about not having enough maps, complain when we get new maps... Where's the sweet spot? Just give up and wait for halo 5, these three maps are more than fine for the 4 months that they'll actually matter.
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