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  1. everytime they switch to goofy, he chokes, he got a full rockets and then runs into their base alone and falls off map
  2. cynical 1. Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; I don't think you know what cynical means, sorry man lol On topic, Infamous is coming back, and when they get hot (ie Naded gets momentum) there's no stopping them
  3. its mental games, you shouldn't take it seriously. it worked vs bman, and its gonna work vs ninja especially if goofy gets involved
  4. Like he can't go, or he can't go and he pulls a shade
  5. For solace, I don't think you should give free sniper at each base, that sorta leads to the base camping. How bout you put it at the bottom of the ramp going to bottom solace, so at least you have to move out of the base. So 2 pweapons at the bottom ramp, and 2 at ribs. I think it plays best when the action is centered of map, not base to base
  6. Someone on Req was baiting Dersky lol
  7. Lol what a standoff. how much did they comeback from?
  8. Not all the cod players are positive. I constantly am seeing "AGL views suck, Nadeshot gets more viewers". Some people are just defending back. Also - Dispatch is no longer Ambush flag
  9. Can't wait for Naded interview.....hopefully with Gandhi edit: Gandhi evades
  10. Steak Quo, i knew bman wasnt a top1 team player.
  11. i dont get how neighbor had a curse?
  12. Adrift had some of the most exciting games in the event so far, and the past AGL too, i dont see how ppl can still hate it. Did chig backsmack ace midlift?
  13. Ninja clutched that flag stop big time
  14. 1. Infamous 2. Ambush 3. SQ 4. Classic 5. Wequim i predict no team changes though after this event even though roy and ninja gonna be pisssssssssed
  15. considering that they supply the weed, there would actually be more support for them from the halo community
  16. they don't just "happen" to get control over the rifles and power weapons though. that doesnt just happen randomly lol they earn their control just like in previous halos with automatic starts. but i agree with vegan that settings have to be very similar to allow for forced starts. i still think AR starts and BR starts worked in past halos, but that is because it wasnt slots but veto system, so I will agree that BR/AR is the best of both worlds
  17. Thats a good point about people backing out when their preferred voice isnt picked. I do think forced picks (like in GC) should be in every comp/semi-competitive playlist. didn't say i was tired of BR haha I have eggs every morning but it is refreshing to have something else once in awhile. but between br starts and having to walk 5 seconds to pick up a br, not a big difference to me.
  18. jip isn't the problem, its the constant quitting that allows jip to occur that is the problem.
  19. Yeah i muted the stream because I came for halo not religion, but I'm not going to trashtalk someone else's beliefs, I don't expect everyone to be as mature or respectful because many in halo community are just kids but i guess its something that comes with age and leaving your house to meet new people different cultures. lol
  20. And btw you'd probably be more successful pushing these settings if you picked only maps that have already been cleared for matchmaking, just a tip.
  21. Well i mean there are plenty of precision rifles as pickups on map, you just need to move to get it, and if you have to fight over them thats even better. I would say AR starts should definitely stay in this playlist, but 2nd slot should be BR starts and 3rd slot should be a toss up. Every other playlist for me is br starts lol i dont use any other weapon, so to have this playlist is refreshing
  22. PODs didn't work because they didnt have a tier system of weapons, they just gave u randomized lottery each time. very very very bad idea, a single idea that accounts for thousands of people leaving halo 4 within 3 months of release lol not saying they shouldve copied, but if you're going to copy cod's scorestreaks, at least do it right. i agree that pods could at the very most contain only semi-power weapons (needler, concussion), and things like sniper/rockets should be fought for on the map
  23. Just add more precision rifles on map. You don't NEED precision starts just like you don't need sprint, its something h4 has instilled in your mind. try playing h3 without subconsciously trying to sprint away when you're getting shot. it feels much slower too. h4 has brainwashed a lotta ppl lol me included
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