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  1. It makes sense to take a holiday during holiday season. Or is 343 the only developer that is excluded from that Christmas support
  2. World of difference between console and PC gaming. League of Legends is going to be RIOT's main game for years to come - not LoL2, so their updates will be for current and future customers. Whereas for console games, they release their game (e.g. cod8), then right after they start working on their next title in the series (cod9, cod10 etc.) -- console developers rarely continue to work on and update their current game because the customer base peaks early and gradually decreases (opposite for pc games). so there is not that much incentive for console devs to have post-release support.
  3. Name another developer on the console that updates their game every 2 weeks. Just give me one. Let me know. Developer support.
  4. I think the concussion rifle is a good weapon, but it wouldn't make sense to just plop it any map to replace railgun. Case in point, it sucks on haven. It'd be more sensible to place weapons that work on that specific map, instead of putting the best competitive weapons just because they are good- if that was the case we'd have snipers on every map. I'd say scrap the concussion on haven, not worth timing. It should be reduced to just above needler status. It should be considered for other maps, but isn't good enough to replace railgun on mohawk spawn.
  5. I actually like the playlist, its a step up from infinity slayer. Sure-- it doesn't please the purely casual OR the purely competitive, it never was supposed to, its filling the niche in between. As for your comment TTD having more population, I've never seen it drop below TTD, must be a rare occurence. If you consider Legendary a failure based on population, you have to consider TTD a failure - which its not. I agree with the person that said that if this was a playlist on release, there'd be a lot of people playing it. but those people stopped playing, and now there's a limited population left that is stretched between the several playlists. As for Katastrophe's LGD version, it's very good, but I don't think Bravo will just scrap his version for it. It's not aiming to improve the current playlist, but replace it. It'd be better if he just picked the same maps that Bravo picked and improve the weapons on map. Then push for the unique AA pick up on each map. Bravo has been known to read/take feedback from community forums, but I think he wants to build on the current settings instead of start new.
  6. matchamking system is only as good as its player pool.
  7. Is it because no one plays H4 or because no one plays ACLPro lol i didnt know they even existed
  8. It sorta makes sense for AGL to have several events for their first/growing years. It's sort of like they're recruiting teams from across the country by going to several places, then when they do less events/more payout, teams will come from all over.
  9. That is why it should be two BO5 to standardize everything (ie. BO5 to BO11). The finals structure should not be dictated by which bracket grouping the winner came from. If LB team faces team they've played before, they get disadvantage by continuation. If LB team faces team they haven't played before, its equal ground. Then its really just luck if the winner is from your bracket grouping or not.
  10. Yes, this x100. UMG did it very well where they actually told players to put the stats page up while the commentators were talking about the just-finished map/upcoming map.
  11. Haha you get neg rep for having positive posts on THC. I was like negrepped -10 on a post before I left, I've posted long enough on BE to be able to read my posts here to tell if I'm a terrible poster or not. I feel like some people are just defending other thc posters as a preemptive defense to dissuade future bans vs themselves
  12. Haha this post is ridiculous. This is exactly what Cyren is saying for BE. But when you did it for THC, it was okay. :frank: :frank: That is really funny to read imo. Ninjawuu is actually very very mild compared to Ragnarok or Joshington being a jerk/condescending to staff. And Rag is still alive and kicking i think, just his 2nd account closed. Haha yeah. Loved it when Gandhi and Goldenboy were at the casters seat, and then they cut to a quick commercial before Naded interview, when it comes back :gandhi: is nowhere to be seen haha he did compliment his playstyle a few times during finals. maybe he'll interview him on Gandhi's thoughts eventually...
  13. It's too bad he didn't change his attitude after multiple warnings. I mean, on one hand he tried to support the community with cool trickjump videos, but constantly negative as well. so it was like "hey here's some cool jumps you can use when you play haven" then right after "but this game still SUCKS so dont play it" haha well whatever. 1 negative person might be stopping 5 people from joining, so it might work out better. you could consider just giving him a timeout, people change after a few months (many don't though) @jeromesix, that's not old-fashioned. maybe you weren't active when the internet started, but internet chats were really friendly. like you can jump hop into yahoo chats and talk to people from across the world, and that was a cool/novel thing to do. Now its like, i'm anonymous and ur across the world so i can say anything i want and get away with it. Yeah, at least half those people were friendly because they were secretly 30 year old pervs, but they were still friendly.
  14. haha nice. but wasnt as funny as the last #RIP videos because you already used Mad World.
  15. That`s the general rule, but thats because the most popular streams are for competitive games, mobas - shooters. People are generally a-holes when it comes to competitive games. Any Nintendo let`s plays (zelda), or chill games like Mirror Edge speedruns - these streams are always laidback even with thousands of viewers
  16. -The interviews were great, they did they every post-series and that was awesome that we've been asking for -Production was much smoother, there were less stream hangups and mismatched POVs/names/cam Things to improve: -viewers drastically drop in-between series, i know you gotta play commercials in between, but you can possibly do in-chat polls for winner, MVP, or even MS points giveaways (800 points) - just to keep the viewer count -post-show wrapup with awards, MVP, and the big cheques - and it provides a time to announce the next AGL and hype for that. you absolutely cannot pass on this because this is the height of viewers and hype (finals), so you have everyones attention -mics that pick up less background noise or bring back commentator's astros (just make them black so its less distracting)
  17. the song gets progressively better by the end of it... not that it can get any worse xD
  18. yeah about a month ago they said they'll stop focusing the site as a population tracker, they're doing something completely different with halocharts.com (i think more like halotracker.com), it doesnt even link the population charts anymore from mainpage. its just a site that was commonly used for halo players to troll and put down other halo players lol
  19. That doesn't make sense. So new players are only the ones that aren't embraced by community? the community attitude towards players dont affect when they entered the competitive scene haha In relation to the entire halo franchise (halo 1 was over 10 years ago) they are very new.
  20. it's inevitable, ppl get old. we should be pushing for new pro players as much as old returning players IMO
  21. Giggle_monster said its because its 10:22 there and its late -_- but honestly, those guys must be the most awake they've ever been after that series. Shouldve done a quick interview and hand out the MVP to that person, kill 2 birds with one stone
  22. Why is the stream off? The best AGL finals so far. You GOTTA have some interviews, hand out MVP
  23. Naded fighting off ppl with a bat...in other words, a plank of wood? :gandhi:
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