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  1. Would not mind if there was some skill to doing it, possibly a button glitch Call it SxR
  2. Haha you might be surprised to know this, but there are actually good players outside of the United States. Fun fact.
  3. it's a good idea. but how will teams practice for h2 lol
  4. Why only german gold users???? lol wtf is up with that.
  5. Anyone else think UNSC Slayer, Covenant Slayer and Forerunner Slayer should become actual gametypes? I'd play them
  6. maybe your friend installed his halo to his harddrive so it works on his. try to get a friend's copy (scratch free) and download it to your harddrive, then your disc should work fine. the reason why your disc cant install anymore because it has a scratch
  7. so its not the game's problem, its your xbox. do you have the game installed on your harddrive?
  8. i just watched the IGN review of it (from 2008 lol) they gave it a 8/10. it looks like a really older version of GTA/Saints Row, but no story
  9. edit: ninja'd Games for Free (Gold Members) for month of August is Crackdown (Aug 1) and Dead Rising 2 (Aug 16th) never heard of crackdown, but DR2 is legit
  10. what?? you consider that a wall of text. lol I think Microsoft should lift the exclusion maybe a year after release, and put it on their new Windows platform. Like put Halo 3 & 4 as a Windows 8 game. It's sure to get a lot of players on PC, and might make big enough fans to buy an xbone.
  11. Lol that is true. Not everyone will keep playing H5, a lot will not like it but keep playing it, some will stop playing it then proceed to complain on the forums for the next 10-24 months until halo 6 comes around xD Pretty sure those same people have been doing that for the last 3 halos, it must get tiring for them haha
  12. Lol I finally played Solace, but the entire lobby left so only my vote counted, it was a 1v1 between me and another guy, pretty fun while everyone else JiP'ed in. I don't exactly know the callouts for this map because its rare I even get to play it, but the gravity hammer on it was hilarious to play with.
  13. its a cool idea. a function for RT for non-zoom guns
  14. aPG was the player to pick up, but Naded wasn't the player to drop. It really should've been Goofy or Lethul to get dropped if they're talking about Sunday chokes, and those 2 probably pushed for Naded to get dropped because 1) they dont want themselves considered so they throw someone else under the bus right away, 2) naded wasn't there to defend himself in their skype chat.
  15. Lol Dersky just said on his stream that they shouldnt have made team change, but if they were going to, it should've been Goofy, because choke in the finals I agree 100%
  16. Thought I'd make a quick guide since people still can't seem to find sniper on haven or the 2nd sniper on abandon :apk: This isn't a discussion of the playlist, so leave your criticisms for other threads. This is just a quick pointer for people that are lost in LS After 3 days of playing LS, no lobby has voted for Solace yet, so anyone whos actually played it try to fill in the weapons lol! Haven BR x6 Carbine x2 Needler x2 Rockets x1 Sniper x1 Shotgun x2 Concussion Rifle x1 Magnum x2 PPistol x1 BR top red/blue, under red/blue bridge, bottom red/blue street (2nd box) Carbine bottom red/blue street (1st box) Needler red/blue street Rockets at top mid Sniper at back closed Shotgun at bottom red/blue lift Conc at bottom mohawk Magnum top red/blue lift, red/blue spawn PPistol at bottom open Adrift BR x4 Carbine x2 magnum x2 PPistol x2 Needler x2 Sword x1 Sniper x2 Shotgun x2 BR at red/blue base (beside box before tophall), red/blue walkway (at the base of the ramps leading to topmid) Carbine at red/blue base (left stairs) PPistol at red/blue base (right stairs) Needler at bottom mid (corners) Sword top mid Sniper at red/blue lift Shotty at smalldoor magnum at tophall, lowhall/bigdoor Shutout BR x4 Carbine x2 Sniper x1 Sword x1 Shotty x1 Needler x1 Magnum x2 PPistol x1 BR at elbow, top lift, BR3, BR1 Carbine S1, library Sniper at sniper Shotgun at green Needler BR2 Magnum bottom lift, br ramp PPistol top glass Abandon Sniper x2 BR x4 Carbine x1 Shotty x1 Magnum x2 Needler x1 PPistol x2 sniper at back beach (near scattershot area), back gold (leaning on tree) BR at blue woods/back beach (random on ground), back beach (at tree where everyone likes to snipe ring 3), at frags, bottom gold Carbine at blue bridge Shotty at purple bridge Magnum at purple Needler at lab/ring1 PPistol at ring2.5(back of ring 3), mainramp Solace BR x4 Carbine x2 Sniper x1 Gravity Hammer x1 Magnum x4 PPistol x4 BR at red/blue base ramps, and (mountainside) L1 & L2 Carbine at right pocket of metalbase, left pocket of junglebase Sniper at mountainside ribs Gravity Hammer bottom mid Magnums around top mid PPistol bottom mid, at red/blue base
  17. 70% of the time im rocking a BR or carbine in legendary. you just gotta know where to look. if they're taken, stick with your teammates and you can pick up from dead bodies after a battle lol there's also multiple magnums and needlers lying around. Also no one seems to know where the sniper on haven is, I can go to it throughout the entire game its always there lol
  18. Nice. They updated Legendary Slayer with less clip in rocket and replaced laser with snipers on adrift. But there's too many quitters in this playlist, and not enough people so I get matched with the same quitters THE MATCH AFTER lol its ********. does avoiding people (ie Submit Player Feedback) actually do anything to avoid them?? I dont think it did
  19. lol really?? if they had won the tournament i think Naded would've become MVP. why do top2 teams break apart. going to repeat classic's mistake #classicmistake
  20. maybe not a veto system. but maybe like pick 1 out of 3 gametypes that are grouped, and then you play it. sort of like........ haha. but yeah its a cool idea, but needs more testing the maps AND the voting process, maybe for v6 :P
  21. IGN reviewed Spartan Assault wasn't too good :P 6.7/10. If it was like 10/10 then id be pissed since I have no way to play it haha
  22. sorry didn't mean to neg rep you. was just randomly clicking around the page for some ******** reason.
  23. Lol!! I wanna be on what that guy is on
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