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  1. not sure haven't tested the others. I'm saying its a bug with the descope, not the gun. And even so, if you have to take out the BR off loadout or map pickups, thats like cementing it as a customs-only gametype, whereas I'm hoping, just hoping, 343 might actually like descoping in matchmaking if its polished up.
  2. thats only because the br is the primary gun used, so it encounters the bug more often.
  3. lol that is the dumbest thing to be angry about. also, it doesnt make sense. they don't make maps and wonder if the game "deserves" it lol
  4. why would we have to choose between descope or the BR? lol doesnt make sense. so how is descoping, ive heard its been really buggy.
  5. Well the two types work like a symbiotic relationship, one tweets regularly about shit almost nobody cares about, and the other type are the ones that actually care. You found a quarter on the bus going home? no waaaay :maven:
  6. so are you gonna be the twitter type that tweets every 10 seconds what they're doing, or one of those ppl that lurk in the shadows and read tweets but never tweet yourself, only venturing as far as retweeting others haha
  7. they replaced lasers with snipers. doesn't need an overhaul, just more and more improvements. All I play now is Dominion (i know right?? LOL i hated this playlist on release but lockdown is really good and BTB gametypes are pretty good in H4) and LS, so I'm hoping they can make it awesome.
  8. Haha that'd be funny, but nope, Solace is not one of the oddball maps. It has Forerunner Slayer and KOTH.
  9. What do you guys think? Looks like we'll get what we asked for (if we make enough commotion for it). I think we gotta give enough twitter/forums posts for this to work out. http://blogs.halowaypoint.com/Headlines/post/2013/08/07/The-Halo-Bulletin-8713.aspx#continue
  10. You gotta pick your battles. Push for #1 descoping and #2 nosprint to get into TTD. Adding more and more mods, decreases the chance less and less that it will get into matchmaking. That is the reality of it. Either you can play settings that have 100% of what you want in modded custom games for the next few months, OR you can play settings that have some of what you want in actual online matchmaking
  11. Pretty decent commentary! A tip, re-listen your own video and watch for things you say too often. "Trying to stay alive but he dies" is one of those things u said after each death hehe. anyway good job
  12. Awesome!! I think this was a bigger problem than sprint, lets try to push for this to get implemented in the test settings
  13. H3 system is better than the 3 options, because ppl vote differently, not everyone will get the map/gametype they wanted. So it's like giving someone candy and then taking it away, and when theyre doing bad in game they wish they had played the map/gametype they actually wanted to play and might quit out to try to play it.
  14. Every person is a community member. We should use the promod settings instead because those were made by community members, meaning the current settings weren't made by community members?? who made them then lol I for one don't agree with 4sk DMR, I think that 120% speed feels better. But those are my own opinion, I think the other parts of the settings are good. You can't say that you don't want to back the current test settings, then argue that we should back the promod settings because the entire community needs to band together. It's called compromise. It's like saying we should support 1 setting as a community, but only the settings that I like.
  15. They're not arguing it publicly on the forums because its offtopic, they want to put moderators on trial and put the blame on them for moderating, when its their own fault they're getting moderated. Do you not agree that it is more suited for PMs why your own post is getting deleted? honestly, the majority of forum-goers can conduct themselves just fine without ever getting into trouble. Why is that so difficult?
  16. Hey delete all these whining about moderating, keep it to PMs. I'm tired of reading all the non-halo bs on the forums, if you don't understand the rules or need people to hold your hand to understand what is acceptable and what isnt, then you should stop walking a thin line. People act like keyboard warriors one second, and then act all innocent afterwards wahh wahh I'm being censored. It is actually very very very easy to not have your messages moderated, the majortiy of forumers are doing it, the key is not to come off as an asshole lol! :apk:
  17. What do you guys think if H5 had a playlist reminiscent of each past halo. So there was a h2 / h3 / h4 playlist in h5's matchmaking, or even make it a rotational between them all so you can jump back into nostalgia once in awhile.
  18. It's going to beat 10k for sure, it'll be on 343 industries' twitch channel, which will get front page automatically. It also has a lot more coverage than AGL, Its also shown on the one of the xbox dashboard (not front page but on a h4 dlc thing), who knows, maybe Microsoft might wanna advertise a 200k first place tournament on front page lol
  19. Wait, how do you know the GC 1v1 will be first to 10?? seriously
  20. Actually the problem wasn't that they made it like CoD. its that they didn't make it enough like CoD, they went half CoD/half Halo. So it wasn't good enough for the cod players or the halo players. I have a lot of friends that didn't like halo 4 because it wasn't as easy and they were better at cod. if they made an actual full on cod copy with a halo reskin, a lot of people would keep playing it. h4 as it is is still harder to play than call of duty lol as sad as that is. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that they SHOULD do that. but thats why I think a lot of people left, the halo players left cz it didnt feel like halo enough, and cod players left cz it didn't feel like cod enough
  21. I don't think you didn't read the post lol @OP: I agree. A community that craps on its own game, own players, own developer, own community leaders, is a community that is toxic and will ruin itself eventually. Just remember that one rotten apple spoils the bunch
  22. Is everything still instanced in this game? and oshit its on xbox1 lol
  23. Probably goes in this order, sometimes use them in combination with each other 1. Lucky ***** 2. Cheap piece of **** 3. ********* *********** **********!!!
  24. Itd be cool to just keep a playlist that had leaderboards lol
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