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  1. So.....Believe the Hype....I'm in Disbelief
  2. so.....are top 6 considered pros? :gandhi: also how come uncle sudd is at this event, are sudds even here
  3. well It's not decreasing playlists, just rename the playlist. Just make it Team Slayer so ppl dont expect only Infinity slayer
  4. No where did I say I was getting the xbox1 lol I play primarily pc. dunno some ppl just have to to get over the playstation vs xbox mentality. there's other platforms. Like the Wii :unclesudd: Lol funny clip. But insurgency isnt really that popular on PC, or I dont see it getting that popular unless the modding community jumps on it. I thought the video was good, but if you really want views you have to play the popular games, even if u dont like them. Or do quick reviews of new steam games/beta games (I guess insurgency falls under that), ppl use youtube a lot to check if a new game is good or not. especially f2p games.
  5. No no no, we don't want to limit playlists. we had 100k population, with limited to 11 playlists and having rotational playlist. so you had team snipers which had 10k, then they rotated it out for a month, and then 10k left halo 4. lol they took out team slayer pro for like 2 months, and that niche community left. they took out oddball and KOTH playlists for awhile, those players left. team throwndown took 3 months i think, a lot of ppl werent patient enough so left, team doubles took months too so those ppl left. You cant just ignore the flood and grifball players either, having those playlists doesnt affect other playlists. Those are "niche" playlists, its not segregating anyone, flood players arent going to suddenly start playing throwdown lol How bout you give players all the playlists they want on release, and after 3 months when numbers start to dwindle you can cut playlists if the population drops below 1000. if its still above 1000, those are 1k players that are still playing halo, so give them what they want Don't worry about segregation when you have 400k on first day, you can worry about it later when population actually becomes a problem
  6. if you tighten the spread, wouldn't it just be a faster shotgun with more ammo with ricochet effect?
  7. why do you keep referring to ps4 lol I never said I was going to switch to ps4 because it has better exclusives. I just said I'm not excited to buy xbox1 for its own exclusives. not being pro-xbox1 doesnt mean I'm pro-ps4 by default.
  8. no, you liked Halo. I can see some people that have been complaining since h2 why halo isnt more like h2 lol halo has changed a lot over the years, but people keep thinking Halo is H2. or Halo is H3. Halo is a beast that changes every title. but ppl keep hoping itll go back to h2 formula, or h3 formula haha h5 will not be h2 or h3 itll be h5 formula. Its not a bad game, its just not the greatest Halo game. If you removed the preconceived notions from halo fans that theyve come to expect from a halo game, and put in a new fanbase (lol) playing the game without any bias, then you wouldnt have as much outrage. but that is all hypothetical, everyone that owns an xbox knows what halo is But stay optimistic. 343 are trying to make amends. 343 gives more developer support than Bungie, I'll give them that
  9. It's never been about the competitive community. The competitive community and MLG playlists have always been smaller than the social/casual playlists. People point to h4s shortcomings because it wasnt competitive enough, they're simply wrong, its because the social playlists werent fun (random personal ordinance, bad/limited maps, AAs like camo, boltshot, lack of loadout diversity over DMR/boltshot before weapon update TU). granted, a lot of those affect the competitive community as well, but many don't (just edit ordinance, remove boltshot, control what weapons/loadouts are on maps). but it doesnt work vice versa. You can add nosprint, descope, throw in BxR into TTD, you'll get a +200 population increase lol
  10. lol when did i say the ps4 is superior. I just said there's a lot of xbox360 users switching to ps4. and btw, $100 is a big difference considering how many kids have to ask their parents to buy consoles and if parents have to decide between a $400 console and a $500 console for christmas, well $100 goes a long way during christmas season exclusives arent the same as 360 era. gears is dying, halo franchise is not what it used to be and all the other exclusives have become multiplatform. titanfall is on pc, destiny is on pc/ps4. what do i have to look forward to in terms of ACTUAL exclusives, ryse is full of QTEs, quantum break tv series. the only exclusive i like is Killer Instinct, that looks great. and why does anyone care about population? refer to h4 lol. for console game's life cycle, population is huge because some games just die out very fast. crysis 2 was a game i loved playing until the population died out. more population = more ppl to play with, its very very simple
  11. ehhhhh I think 1v1s are something that are reserved for customs. like when you own someone and after the match you receive a message: "u sux 1v1 me noob" i think the playlist listings is going to be crowded as well. I'd rather not have too many niche playlists, and 1v1 isnt a gamemode where you can clump it with others into 1 playlist.
  12. if that was the case, not as many 360 users would be considering switching to ps4. personally, i play 360 because of 1) controller, 2) good exclusives, 3) high population it has 1, doesnt have 2 (talking about xbox1 exclusive only) and 3 doesn't look bright
  13. Many more xbox players support and know who Bungie is. The only difference is that they can play Destiny with their xbox360 lol I am still very pro-xbox360, not so much pro-xbox1. Btw, won't there be more xbox360 users than xbox1 users for the next year?
  14. FPS Fest was this weekend? Welp...I go straight to gen discussion so I never see front page. wouldve thought there'd be a sticky thread of some sort. Is it worth watching lol
  15. Naded is gonna win this week, I can feel it, if you watch him play Oddball it is like watching Mirrors Edge lol he jumps and jukes like no other
  16. Nah, I said 4v4 should stay the staple. also was a joke. Imagine that :gandhi:
  17. Network difficulties? Maybe you have a closed NAT or something. I don't know, I think thats happened to me once, but then I found a match later.
  18. Or we could have a loading screen for the loading screen :apk: No but seriously, its not exactly gameplay, its just a picture of the map and names for callouts
  19. Should not be discussion of 2v2vs4v4 (lol), we can have both although 4v4 should remain the staple. because if you follow that logic, people are going to eventually come to conclusion tournaments should be 1v1s, easier to find teammates (bring yourself) and 4x the prize. Imagine? :gandhi:
  20. It's a great idea. Yeah they do make callouts for their own maps (or there was something like a game guide for h4), and some of the names transferred over.
  21. Lol they actually put headphones after we complained. Hey what do you think the "digital exclusive" code is for day-one buyers?
  22. Lol were you actually expecting nosprint, descoping, CE magnum and even a classic map pack for LS? :saucey: That is hilarious, don't lie. that kills me. And the realistic playlist you spoke of doesn't sound bad, I would play that.
  23. Nah I didn't insult you. I'm insulting the thing you were angry about; I called it dumb. :ghost: And I didn't miss the point. I don't think games "can derserve" maps, they're not things that are capable of deserving. But anyway, your argument kinda fails. Because if H4 is a bad game, it needs good things to be a good game. Like the pit map. It's like saying, H4 is a bad game, it doesn't deserve nosprint, descoping, or doesn't deserve good maps. Oh wait, but if it had those things.....
  24. Maybe they dropped MLG lol LOL and SC2 has had larger tournaments than MLG's.
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