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  1. I'm definitely not going to buy it before MCC drops. Maybe if there was a XB1 bundle with MCC, or holiday deal with XB1, I will buy it. I'm not sure if the Titanfall population will stay high before I get it, I don't like to buy multiplayer games with low population (wish majornelson still did his XBL Activity lists). I'll definitely consider Tomb Raider though.
  2. I meant official like the developers remake the map, like The Pit -> Pitfall, not like Salot's Lockout which I don't really enjoy playing on. I think the H2A Lockout looks awesome, the falling stalagmites are questionable but making the glass on topmid breakable is kinda cool.
  3. hmmmm...unpopular opinions I've got a ton -i enjoyed dual-wielding and hope it makes a comeback -halo wars was my favorite halo game -sprint was not even one of the main reasons of h4's population nosedive; it was random POD, bad matchmaking lobby (uneven team starts), and loadouts (camo,boltshot) -i liked ivory tower map and hope it has a remake -i enjoy playing on official map remakes (lol) -i thought h4 campaign was terrible -halo should make more spinoffs (not like spartan assault, more like halowars) hey, i warned you theyd be unpopular xD
  4. so for players that will be buying an xbox1 come november 11 for MCC, what other games can you guys confidently say is worth buying/playing as well?
  5. I already pos-repped you And I wouldn't do that even if I could. OK This is great news, thanks for the heads up!
  6. depends, will you be playing h5 as well? because h5 will have spartan abilities, you might prefer a config that has the abilities on LB, instead of on A. not sure how regular those "spartan abilities" will be used, but its something to keep in mind ^^ if just MCC, bumper jumper is the best, unless you play claw.
  7. have a question about the MCC multiplayer: -is it a combined multiplayer system of all HCE,H2A,H3,H4, and you pick your game mode, and then you can vote on whatever map/halogame pops up? OR -can I play H3 multiplayer playlists, as it was? can I play H2 multiplayer playlists, as it was? Or does H2A have completely different MP?
  8. http://www.twitch.tv/gamestop they are streaming some MCC now, Bravo on stream currently
  9. Yeah, the tournament was great, there are just certain people that, regardless of all the things 343 has done, it will never be enough for them unless they do exactly what they want. 200k tournament, sorry I wasnt asking for that, I'm still gonna be a whiny ***** lol That's one of the reasons I left these forums, better to enjoy halo with personal friends than deal with the internet idiots in the community lol
  10. 1. you don't know the viewers on xbox or waypoint, like you said, so how did you come up with that % growth of viewers 2. why should we care if microsoft is profiting or losing on this event lol
  11. Cemented his name in halo history. GG Ace, that was an awesome tourney to watch
  12. lol i thought the performance was weird, i muted it just like the title screen xD whoever wins this will have their lives changed forever...cant imagine that pressure haha
  13. that was the first trailer that made Ryse look good, ive hated how its depicted in the past 3 previews ive seen of it i'm hoping they put up the trailers on youtube or something, I tuned back into the stream at the end of the halo guitar song, which sounded nice
  14. The production value is awesome, this show is really professional, I'm glad they picked Bravo and Goldenboy as casters because I couldn't imagine anyone as professional as these 2 guys.
  15. is it not viewable on twitch? for some reason my laptop freezes when I go to the halowaypoint link. is that the only direct link to it
  16. well gandhi finally broke lol. i knew AGL was better off not hosting that event at all, it just made such a huge disparity as a comparison im still excited for ricochet. id be so pumped if 343 just promoted modding of halo 4, like how Elder Scrolls or GTA has the biggest modding community, its like creating content for the game but letting players do the work for them. but it wouldnt be called modding if they gave the tools to edit the game. imagine the longevity of the halo games, new campaign missions and game modes im still wondering why COD hasnt even incorporated a forge mode. they keep focusing on their campaign like its a reason ppl buy the game lol
  17. Saying halo 4 is a bad game because of its mechanics, and then telling people to move to COD which has those same hated mechanics (no descope, sprint, finch) makes a lot of sense. Part of why he's telling people to make the switch, is because he's making the switch and he wants his community there too. Because, the hard truth of it is, in the cod world, Gandhi is no name, he's not a household name like he is in halo. And without viewers and pros there to support him, why would they ever choose Gandhi to cast COD over all the other established cod commentators who understand and been with call of duty for the past several years. Well sorry for spilling the hard truth. Dunno why he's burning bridges either, crapping on AGL events is not going to do well for him as an AGL caster.
  18. Hehe if you saw LoL or DoTA stream chats, you'd think there was no more hope for humanity.
  19. Thats what I thought, but I just played in a lobby with 3 Infinity Slayer options lol oddly enough. maybe they changed something
  20. Nice, glad to see Pistola hyped for GC, I would love to see a Naded vs Pistolla finals
  21. yeah it just did, with SvR coming back. I for one don't like continuation, just seems random you either get an advantage or no advantage if the next team were placed in the same bracket groupings as you and u played previously. Yeah we've seen some awesome comebacks with continuation, but we also see a lot more losses lol
  22. Actually if you want to use LoL as an example, there are way more casuals than competitive players. Bronze - 505,328 (45-99%) 55% Silver - 300k (10-44%) 34% Gold - 65k (2-9%) 7% Platinum - 13k (.51-1.9%) 1.39% Diamond - 4.6k (.01-.46%) .45% So yeah, the bad attitude doesn't have to do with competitiveness or elitism, it has more to do with the age/maturity of the players playing LoL :apk:
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