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  1. play what you'd like. but if you want to 'revive' halo 3, that means its also dead. so whats the point. h4 is getting better
  2. The #1 issue that i have with h4 is lobbies. not exactly 343s fault that ppl leave before map selection, but its their fault they allow the game to start 3v4 and that just imbalances the game right off the bat. their solution (JiP) wasnt exactly popular either. just wait till its a full 4v4, im fine with waiting a few more seconds because 99% of the time ppl leave the lobby after a game, so this 3v4 crap happened across the board in every match.
  3. Nice series. they knew russo wasnt as good as he used to be from scrims, but what can you do i guess. Bravo and Ghost was a nice commentator combo
  4. Lol I like how Beyond forums got a few shoutouts at stream hehe looks like this is where ppl should go for halo. FFA was fun to watch, I hope they have no problems with the brackets tomorrow, should be good
  5. lan parties will sorta be a nuisance with the once-per-24hours connectivity thing. if you dont connect within 24 hours it shuts down and just becomes a heavy doorstop haha
  6. PC > all so far haha I mean, PS4 is bringing all these pc games, warframe, blacklight, planetside 2 to ps4, but these are all games already on the PC for a long time. these games are just as much a sellling point for ps4 as it is to switching to PC. also - microsoft allows some games to be on xbox and pc (fable, titanfall), so if you switch to pc you might not be missing out on as much.
  7. yeah i wouldnt mind those settings. they could implement that into halo 4 right now and itd be great Lol
  8. Well Halo 5 will definitely be announced at E3, but there are a lot of 2014 games that will be announced that arent coming anytime soon. I know Dark souls II will be at E3 but its coming out march 2014. With Halo tv series, Spartan Assault and H5 - i think theyd consider that enough halo but who knows if we'll get another 2013 halo game
  9. are you guys talking about spartan assault lol because i think thats what MS has in store for you.
  10. The BTB community is grieving. I hope they can bring in someone new that'll make fun but also more maps at launch, it got bland really fast. I like these forums better already.
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