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  1. halo's core fanbase is old and aging, most are getting real jobs and dont have time for gaming, they got other commitments like work and family. that's life. ppl on forums are dedicated, and probably by extension, have really avid halo friends too. but the majority are just getting older, and many of my friends have just stopped gaming.


    cod's fanbase was kids, the huge group that played mw2 and cod4, are now getting into their late teens and 20s, they still have 5-15 years to game. Halo's fanbase is old as shit, mostly late 20s and 30s. people play what they're used to, and what their friends play. Cod comes out every year with the generally the same fundamentals, and since there's a huge amount of ppl that buy it, their friends buy it.


    one other thing is Halo = xbox, and if xbox one sales are down, halo is down.  halo used to sell xboxes. now basically its the other way, they have to sell more xboxes, to sell halo.  there's still more users of lastgen consoles, and i dont think most have made the switch. they probably will in the coming holidays or next year



    What would I like to see? I'd like to see Microsoft take advantage of their strong presence on the PC, offer more combined promotions on playing on xbox and PC, because most console players have a PC. Tapping into the PC market will bring in a lot of ppl that arent console-only players. Because halo is exclusive, no one cares about it on the esports scene.  It's also a problem with console gaming in general, console games have a life cycle of 1 year before they die out, because they dont add new content like PC games. Which is why cod thrives, because it comes out with a new rendition every year.  Halo games will flatline after a year or so, and if no one is playing it, no one is watching it. They can try the route of other console games, like street fighter (with super edition, arcade edition, ultra edition), adding new content regularly to keep players hoping back in

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    Bravo and Goldenboy are what we call play by play casters who will tell us what the players in the game have just done in case you missed it by any chance. 


    Walshy and Strongside are what we call color casters who will let us know what the players are thinking and what kind of pushes and moves they should be making during games in order to win. 


    Having two play by play guys together is terrible.

    Having two colour guys together is terrible.



    Having two color commentators isn't terrible, I thought Walshy and Side were great duo, and even when one was giving their analysis on a team's play/decision, the other commentator giving his own opinion is even better (its not a repeat of it, its just another perspective).


    having 2 play-by-play is worse, because you can't repeat the 1st commentator in a different and meaningful way lol


    apart from that, i dont care much for those 2 roles, even better would be someone that can fill both roles, give both color commentary and play-by-play (like a Joe Rogan, if anyone watches MMA).


    play-by-play commentary is outdated anyway, and was for a time when ppl listened to fights on radio, and they wanted to know what was happening at each second. now we can see it (although it is still beneficial for newer viewers that dont exactly understand what is happening)

  3. I like smoke, because as careh mentioned, it does add to the meta. Smoke has multiple uses. Not only used offensively, but defensively. drop the smoke to disrupt the lock-on on that new rocket (hydra is it?) or maybe even sword (which is a tactic used in titanfall)


    also throw it one path to fake a push, while going another way. (Halo doesnt have as many one-way corridors as COD or CS though, like faking A while planting at B, so this is limited i guess)


    also smoke on a objective is sometimes gives a false sense of security. you may not get to aim your shot, but it shows where to aim your grenades. then again, you can throw a smoke, fake a plant, draw out the nades, then plant.



    i wouldnt say it should be treated as a power item, but it should be placed on certain maps selectively. a smokescreen isnt something that only your team can use, the other team can use it as an advantage just as much

  4. IMO i enjoy walshy + side because there already is history there, there are no other 'competitive player' commentatators to pair with Goldenboy so i wouldn't mess with the pairs right now.


    the stream quality has improved leagues since i stopped following the scene at the end of h4, the gameplay is pretty awesome on screen. maybe a little too much downtime, but other than that i see no problem with the stream.  twitch is just a different pool of viewers, with PC games being the most popular viewed games, I don't really see halo being huge on twitch unless it makes headways on PC scene (spartan assault/strike doesnt count lol)

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  5. Wow this is great news, as i read through the pages and saw hilarious screenshots (saw a warthog with a scorpion tank top LOL) i am getting pretty hyped at the potential of modding.


    its sad that there's a lot of butthurt fans ITT though. yeah there's a lot of pros and cons to this title....just mod out the cons lol. and anyway, PC gaming is completely different from console shooters. with the amount of air/land vehicles in halo, i can really see halo on pc potentially becoming more like battlefield

  6. -because they like twitch shooters

    -because they're on playstation

    -because its slower

    -because they like military over sci-fi shooters

    -because its harder to get into

    -because they're unfamiliar/never played it



    a lot of reasons, but keep in mind the most played fps, COD, is also one of the most hated haha just overall a lot of hate in the fps community lol

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  7. they have the titanfall version of bumper jumper, as in LB=jump lol aaaaand thats it. but they retain the cod shooting config (LT=aim, RT=shoot)


    this is actually the config I prefer, for players that play multiple shooters its probably the best to be able to switch fluidly. hoping there's a BJ1 and BJ2 configs in H5.

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