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  1. Dear Lord what is happening. Maybe my age is showing but I cannot keep up with this. Can anyone provide a brief synopsis of everything that has gone down in the last 24 hours? Like a list of current team names and their rosters (as of now, I guess there are still another 2.5 hours of #RosterMania).
  2. The last tweet I read last night was from Ace saying "What a time to be alive." I wake up to #Rostermania and new emotes . What a time to be alive indeed! Have Renegades picked up a 4th? I can totally understand Ninja's btw. Tough to lose someone this close to Roster Lock. Are there any updates on where Ogre2 :goat: lands? Any chance he reforms Final Boss before Sunday? A girl can dream... B)
  3. When teammates quit a CTF/Assault game because you go down 1-0, or a Ball/King game because you go down 10+ seconds. Ragnarok CTF with Mantises. 15 minutes of stalemate 60% of the time, every time. Halo CE: Picking up the flag automatically/accidentally in the middle of a gun fight. Attack enemy team with teammates, teammates die, I survive. Teammates respawn across map. 30 seconds later I die trying to get back to them. Teammates scream, "dude, wtf were you doing across the map by yourself? You're such a bk."
  4. Even though I am happy sprint did not make it into the final product, looking at these early builds reminds me of those long months before Halo 2 was released religiously reading all of the Bungie Weekly Updates. Dual wielding? Cool. Boarding vehicles? Awesome. Rockets that lock on? Takes some of the glory out of hitting a warthog stealing your flag across map in Blood Gulch, but still totally wicked. New map introductions and remakes of old maps? Yeah, I'm ready for this. And, who could forget, introducing the BR? (And the sword!!!) Halo 2 had lots of good additions to Halo CE that improved the game, rather than simply changing the game without improving, like sprint. Thanks for this trip down memory lane. And yes the flipping-the-bird clip is sweet too (though probably for the best it didn't make it into the final product).
  5. Guys. A few months from now we could be watching a :halo: Finals matchup featuring: Snipedown, Roy, Lunchbox, Lethul. vs. Formal, APG, Heinz, Ola. And we have incredible, tested casters. :bravo: (where is the Simms emote?!) And $1,000,000.00 on the line. And excellent upcoming players mixed in with other seasoned veterans. And of course we'll still have an Ogre running around wearing nothing but his goat crown. :goat: My body is ready.
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