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  1. I haven't been logged on here in a VERY long time, but I wanted to express my opinion. I think its really dumb that the game-types we grew up loving won't be on Halo 5 Guardians Day One. It doesn't make much sense to me. I understand that they want the community to try out strongholds and breakout to see if we want it in the HCS, but let's be real, Halo 5 HAS to appeal to EVERYONE to be successful this year. 343i is having to compete with a huge market with an even bigger Call of Duty community that has a HUGE eSports hype, Fallout 4, and Star Wars freaking Battlefront. Don't get me wrong, I am super pumped for Halo 5. I could make the argument that it could have the most ambitious story in gaming history. I really could, but limiting the final release with no forge, no big team, very few traditional game-types. Not only does that just seems like they shot themselves in the foot, its making people remember the poor launch of the MCC. I really think they should've delayed to early 2016. Too late now I guess.
  2. Royalty and Copy Cats haven't played can we be advanced? -Sinister
  3. I think thats a microsoft thing and not a 343 thing because you can't see numbers on AW either.
  4. I don't understand why people think they ate the franchise. 343i obviously loves Halo, they're pumping out some sort of content to further the story constantly. We have to realize we're not the only ones they have to appeal to. Halo has so many communities, the forge community, the big team community, the competitive community, infection community, and on top of all of that they have to further Master Chief's story. So come on guys give them a break. The beta was made around the competitive community, EVERYONE can agree to that, with spectator mode, the ranking system, even the entrances to the game feels like an eSport mood. Halo has to evolve, stop holding it down.
  5. I hope I don't get alot of hate on this, but what about a HCEA 2v2 toureny? 3sk Reach settings on the Anniversary DLC and maybe even forge remakes of other maps. Idk I'd enjoy it. What about you guys?
  6. I agree mostly except I think Grifball needs to be ranked and they should have Action Sack in Social. Most don't realize it but Grifball is competitive. I personally don't play it but I do resect the Grifball community. Other than that I believe this is the way to go.
  7. I wonder if they'll carry everything over from H3/4 so you keep your armor, gametypes, (loadouts for h4) or if those game types will have to be remade and you'll unlock your armor again.
  8. I don't have any questions cause I know they'll all be asked, so I just wanted to say congrats Etic.
  9. Why not take out Amplified and add Guardian TS
  10. Halo 3 will only be free for half a month though so download fast
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