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  1. Yeah I was approached by a Kotaku writer the other day asking about my time moderating in his channel, I shouted out the Halo community and said it's better than the Fortnite community in my interview.
  2. I heard that so I did the reasonable thing and bought an Xbox One again today
  3. Well if C9 can come back for the 20th time, I suppose this is my time to come back to the forums
  4. Has anyone ever noticed this weird scope thing that appears when you have camo caster?
  5. Honestly embarrassing to already have a production screw up. IMO, these games shouldn't even be played live but that's another discussion. Really disappointed
  6. I hate the SAW. There's nothing interesting about that weapon
  7. I thought we agreed that power rankings are done on a week to week basis? ALG hardly played, so they dont rank very high.
  8. So if Optic doesn't make it, what are the odds that H3CZ drops these 4 and pick up the RNG team? (assuming that RNG folds, which they probably will)
  9. The fact that it's not properly on his head and the little tip of the HCS logo poking out at the top is really bothering me.
  10. Okay say that only controllers are allowed. But on PC the game assuredly will be allowed to play at different settings, which changes the playing field. Also, the way the game draws far models at 30fps animations probably won't exist on PC. If they want to port the game to PC, that's fine. But they should absolutely keep the (official) competitive scene on Xbox.
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