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  1. Running Halo 2 customs usually daily GT: LLGHTNING SNIPE
  2. The hologram in its current iterations is next to useless against competent players.
  3. Just use whatever you want, it's your personality that's supposed to be in the video, nobody else's.
  4. Any particular reason for why my posts are being deleted? Or it just makes you feel good?
  5. Anybody know how to get out of red rep so i can actually get games? People in H2C keep blocking me so now i cant even get a match, does the custom game thing work at all to get back to green? Very frustrating
  6. Start up a H2C custom game then end it, should fix it.
  7. Me and TomComingAtcha looking for two good H2C players to run MM with right now, message LLGHTNING SNIPE if you're down!
  8. Driving me insane that i rank down after making the enemy team quit in Doubles, tweeted multiple times & still not definitive response on if theyare fixing it, this company is an insanity test Also double grenades were common in OG H3
  9. Just bought my dad MCC for his birthday, worried i might accidentally raise his blood pressure into a fatal heart attack, will i get bad karma for this?
  10. @@MultiLockOn ( no idea how to directly reply via phone ) id software knows what the fans want far more than 343 ever will, Doom/Doom2 map creation is still going on 20 years later & they know what they need to give that part of the community to keep that going, the E3 video was a small demonstration & i'd bet money the things the community will do with it will blow the fuck out of what H5s forge has to offer & what comes about
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