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  1. With all that being said, this is why I've always preferred the pool play approach. Even if the matches within the pools aren't Bo5's, I believe that allowing matches between all the teams in their respective pools is the most "pro-focused." It helps with growing the scene by showing all the faces and how teams would do against certain matchups. However, I also believe that Halo definitely needs to have double elimination or better rule-sets for online tournaments. Too many people had to deal with grievances this season, which resulted in harsh opinions on the entire online aspect of this season. Whichever the case, I believe Halo will have a more promising turnout next season as long as some of these things are more carefully implemented.
  2. All Memphis players, add me and let me know you're from here. I'm actively trying to build the Memphis scene again. GT: SSaintly LANs will be inbound.
  3. All this talk of LAN before a big tournament makes me reminiscent of the LAN Network days. Here's hoping that if Halo continues to grow, that something like that will make a comeback.
  4. Sesame Street - Saintly, LittleKountry, Chriskys, and Russo The rules this season have been dumb regarding points and such, so I'm not even sure what seed we are currently. Either way, can't wait to see everyone there.
  5. Oh don't misunderstand me, I agree 100%. Tbh I've pulled more things from those series then any others. It's just sometimes I wish I could play some of my peers to see where me and most importantly my team stands amongst them. If that makes any sense, lol. But yeah points are nice as well.
  6. UGC imo was ran very poorly. There were huge gaps of time where teams were not playing, and so on. The only really cool thing they had was those listen-in headsets. I wish MLG had those back in the day, but it'd probably not be that realistic. Hopefully my team can attend GFG, we got royally bracket-fucked. We played CLG WR4 and then went straight to our series with BTH. Tbh if they were playing like they did against us I don't think they would have lost to Noble Black. We literally got our shit pushed in. Can't be too mad though. Hopefully I'll see some of you guys at GFG.
  7. Memphis, TN Halo 3 LAN this Saturday (October 26). If you see this in time and want to go let me know. Bring your own stuff. <3
  8. Yeah if the EMP is blocked, I'll be okay. I remember playing it, and I thought there were multiple ways to flank the towers. I couldn't tell if this was a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, I'll be surprised how all these new gametypes will be played. On a serious note; why not Skyline Ricochet, instead of Simplex. I heard it was actually a "fun" gametype.
  9. So does anyone know how Vertigo plays? I'm not really enthused that it's been added, but whatever. I'm trying to be open about Ricochet being added, but it's hard to think that'll be in tournament play for long.
  10. TIC Gaming (The Impact Capitol) - Stillmatic, Kookie Shield, Illusery, and Saintly Can't wait to see some of you guys there. (:
  11. So what are the confirmed gametypes so far? I know the ones in the original post are for sure, but are there any more?
  12. I really don't see why people want Station 9 out. I personally believe it focuses on more teamwork than any other map. Rotating to new extractions, knowing when to go for a convert, giving up on an extraction, organizing pushes, and how vital it is to stay alive are all aspects to this map that I really enjoy. Staying alive, in my opinion is the biggest on that map, only because if a player dies then your down numbers, and that can mean trouble for a player's teammates. In short, I think it forces a lot of players to think on what they need to do in a given situation. Seriously though, I'm excited to see Ricochet being tested. I enjoy the hell out of that gametype, especially when clutch interceptions happen.
  13. Money is always the motive, so hopefully you're right. :]
  14. I'll be needing a solid squad for this, but that's besides the point. I'm really excited to how many people will actually be gone now that GC is over and how many folks decide to stick with it until after Indy. Either way, I'm sticking with Halo and hoping this tournament has more than 19 teams and some competition. But yeah, I hate to be that guy but... F/A
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