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  1. Can anyone point me in a direction towards some custom forge maps & game types. Looking for octagon / ctf warm-up maps, jump / puzzle maps, & halo ce remakes with game settings as well. Thanks.
  2. Also to everyone who thinks they are cool posting in here if you are not posting t shirt designs please go away and talk shit in another thread about copy and pasting skills. I hear there is a good one about 343 and ther MCC game that they fucked up on here. Maybe i can go work for them since i seem to have a good grasp on it. :bravo:
  3. If ninja accepted the cow design i was going to buy it off the site and rework the overall design to make it look cleaner. As well as the others i was going to do the same. These are litteraly templates and im sure the onese people have posted on his twitter have downloaded premade fonts and have found images from the internet as well.
  4. In response to all you faggots on here. Its called live trace. http://www.graphics.com/article-old/converting-rasters-vectors-using-live-trace-illustrator Sorry i tried to contribute something and took the time out of my day to make shit. I work 40+ hours a week and could care less that i googled the shit, edited out the bad stuff and made it look legit. Go fuck off and neg me. Oh skinerd hasnt replied yet...yeah becuse i have a real fucking life. I had a fun time making this shit and will continue to make stuff. Considering the Randa panda icon that he uses on twitch is stolen off of google as well. Along with Ninjas emotes and icon and everyone elses. Fuck You.
  5. Sorry this should be the last one for awhile until the next pipe dream.
  6. Thank you sir. My job i've had working in a print shop has really gotten me out of making illustrations. Getting back into halo & being a part of this community however has made me start creating art again so hopefully you will see more stuff in the future.
  7. Here is my second graphic for the contest.
  8. Here is my first graphic so far with a few different color schemes. My personal Favorite is the top middle.
  9. If you are participating in Ninjas T-Shirt Design Contest post your artwork here for feedback or to just show off what you made to the community. Please keep all comments positive.
  10. If i get some free time at work or after work today i'm going to set up different color schemes. I'll post some smaller pics of all of them later on hopefully. :halo: :milk: :milk: :milk: That would be awesome. Maybe after this Ninja Contest ill throw some stuff together. Thank you for the love :ghost:
  11. So I stopped by Ninjas stream and seen he was having a design contest for a new shirt he is coming out with. Here is my first draft on a graphic. Any feedback is welcome :milk:
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