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  1. started playing mcc a bit again, do my career stats just never update now? have had same kills/deaths for a week now
  2. seem to get the 4000 network error thing whenever i mute the stream for more than a couple minutes
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/AuspiciousRelievedGrassArgieB8?tt_medium=create
  4. this ranking system and MM system is seriously so frustrating.. the 1 game i play every few months i just match people like 3 classes above me and just get demolished, just not fun
  5. https://oddshot.tv/s/cCFeUV classic cratos https://oddshot.tv/s/1RAZL0 LOUD NOISES lol i'm loving watching this scrim
  6. pro league march 24th boys, it's been going on for 8 weeks and we didn't even know it
  7. Absolutely horrible production. They didn't show the most popular team once. Showed people healing in gas instead of the actual gunfights that were going on. Pathetic.
  8. supposedly it's being streamed on Twin Galaxy's faceebook page
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