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  1. Am I the only one who would feel weird seeing them go by BtH when D3M0N D (who has competed under that team name for more events than the entire ex-Optic roster put together) is still competing and competed on a team with that name within the last year?


    It'd be cool to see the old school team names back in use, but to me it feels artificial if players who never played under those names just took them for their own. Would rather see it done like with Str8 Rippin or Reality Check where former players are bestowing their legacy upon the current players.

    Status Quo has my vote

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  2. This H1Z1 tournament is actually awful to watch. Like, the gameplay itself isn't terrible, but there's so many ads and the production is kinda average (background music, sound effects added in, commentary sounds like post commentary rather than live commentary)

    Absolutely horrible production. They didn't show the most popular team once. Showed people healing in gas instead of the actual gunfights that were going on. Pathetic.

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