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  1. Could I get an invite to the twitch chat? Twitch username: shenanigansssss.
  2. Yeah I guess that's true, you still need somebody to do bomb work in snd though. Without going at least double negative every game.
  3. I do feel bad for Nade, the amount of pressure he is under is insane. But the people on Twitter are kind of right... Could you imagine if they had a better obj player on that team? With arguably the best 3 slayers in the game.
  4. Yeah, they just did a listen in with them... They don't sound as depressed as I thought they would. Definitely not much energy though lol.
  5. They're eliminated. Edit: I believe they're playing a consolation match, or whatever you call it, against TK for 7/8.
  6. Optic just got annihilated on what everybody said was their best map... Edit: Welp. Viewers will cut in half now.

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