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  1. they went on somethging like a 28-4 run edit: 32-4 i guess, nuts
  2. Literally only rooting for optic because I have to work in the morning.
  3. have to be up in 4 hours for work... this is a tough decision
  4. https://oddshot.tv/shot/pglpro/UzrfxiunfxhNQqH1bPML-ASA str8shit edit: another funny moment: https://oddshot.tv/shot/pglpro/UzoQu8E4Qu9JhrHbUo89M37o oddshots fer days
  5. https://oddshot.tv/shot/Halo/UzqGzBaiGzBIQ4d3FtJStSVZ that suicide tho
  6. https://oddshot.tv/shot/OpTicGaming/Uzq5Xhga5XhBo5ZNvizy8JPT IT'S LIT
  7. I believe his tweet was referring to a team change to Splyce, the 2nd place team at cod champs.
  8. lol why would he even say that? it's not like pacman is even remotely responsible for the success of the cod scene. He can thank optic for that.
  9. https://oddshot.tv/shot/RyaNoob/UzqoRxIeoRxOLpo-P3zSRwGT the plays
  10. Fail post In other news, huke is streaming. http://twitch.tv/hukefps

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