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  1. I don't think I can handle these bad puns Butters says every other sentence.
  2. Optic is one step closer to more 7/8th place finishes in the Pro League!
  3. On the subject of Naded. The only time ive ever heard someone call him out on his attitude during scrims was Ryanoob back in H2A when he said, "Brett can you just shut the F*** up."
  4. Still scum for dipping out on his team the day of the tourney
  5. Difference is that Naded online is a god, but on Lan he will tilt off the face of the earth
  6. Dream Team has been getting stomped by everyone. They dont deserve their seed
  7. Ran into Flamesword in Arena, and lets just say that he is very average at the game
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