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  1. This is T2 during the winnerview. Replace "chill" with "xbox" and this is also Cratos with irrefutable proof that he didn't sign in to Stellur's account.
  2. T2 "That's not what you want to do when you are the newest guy on the team." I'm really impressed with T2's casting. He speaks with confidence, offers valuable insight, and low-key drops the occasional savage comment.
  3. Yeah I've been away from the scene for a while. Can someone explain the drama that seems to be revolving around Stellur?
  4. lol at Optic stream watching Renegades to figure out how to counter starting strats
  5. RNG is a very likeable team when they scrim. During scrims the only talk revolves around calling out and praising eachother for making good plays. They are fun to watch, and I hope they give CLG a run for their money. I only watched them for about a hour yesterday, but I was getting annoyed watching them play mm ane ctf warm-up. It's an attitude thing. Specifically towards Ninja. I get that talk outside of scrims is going to entail jokes and harmless banter, but "we are just joking around" doesnt make one sound like less of an ass. I noticed it for a while before Ninja made a comment that Commonly sounded "condescending," and that Ninja felt like he was back on team Cloud 9. I'm not sure if the attitude thing is conscious or unconscious, but it's there. RNG would be more likeable if they would learn how to have fun in MM without coming across as being dooshy to one another. Props to Ninja for how he handles it. Also much respect to Snakebite for his post game pep talks. Snakebite is a master at giving constructive criticism, which is not an easy thing.
  6. I like it. For top 8 matches, players 21+ ought to have the option to do shots. We could give $1,000 for each shot before the match starts, which the players keep so long as they dont throw up. Listen ins would be more entertaining and CLG might be beatable with a drunk Lethul.
  7. Anyone complaining that a halo pro says "get raped" should avoid watching OpTic play Call of Duty. Crimsix and company are more vulgar than any of the halo pros... I'm not saying this makes profanity okay, but OpTic's language hasn't exactly hurt their stream numbers. Also the little kid argument is stupid. This game is rated M, so parents have no right to freak out if little Jonny hears a bad word. Violence and language is standard for any game rated M. This is why most little kids should be watching Minecraft and not Halo.
  8. For being unpracticed, nV is giving CLG a run for their money.
  9. Playing CLG right now. CLG just won Truth flag 3-1. The stats were only shown briefly, but I believe 2gre went 8 for 25.
  10. Crazy series so far. Ninja gets a lot of hate on here, but he has been playing really well.
  11. As in top 4 eligible for the Last Chance Qualifier or top 4 currently on the Optic Halo team?
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