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  1. You don't like asking "what was going through your mind" for every single interview, after every single match, every single night?
  2. lethul and ace vs sudds right now https://www.twitch.tv/lxthul
  3. Can you do a mini map tracking player movement so while you're explaining "lethul does this while frosty and snakebite push here and kill this guy" we can see them moving for an objective/collapsing on enemy spawns? Maybe in the bottom panel if you can?
  4. Fully fuckin tatted? Is that something people actually say to try and scare people?
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/bubudubu_ bubu streaming new settings
  6. Blizzards Warcraft team passes on information on a daily basis to the community as well as responds publicly to feedback, advertises the hell out of their shit, and even explains reasoning as to changes they make while still being open to changes.
  7. Crazy forge updates every patch, crazy forge maps released every week, never implemented to matchmaking.
  8. How can maniac seriously say "season doesn't start for a while" and "we have time to figure it out" when they said the exact same thing last summer when they needed 1, then again in october when they needed 1, then scrambled at the first roster lock to fill the team, then scramble again for a 4th when flamesword retired?
  9. Eco had a burger for lunch Ace took another nap today Ola took a shower this morning Cratos checked reddit while taking a dump at 3:38pm
  10. Can pro league nights start earlier for season 2? The final match starting at midnight EST, or later, is not the best.
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