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  1. Hey guys, just casually popping back up after like 8 months. How's life?
  2. Didn't Backwash have to get removed from matchmaking when 360s came out because it would brick them? Turf hands down. Team Slayer backwash strats were dicks.
  3. Online friends are still friends. I know your feelz. It's always sad to see someone go, but it's admirable to know that something was so enjoyable and important in his life that he was willing to address you guys. I hope he rests in peace. When I was dealing with cancer, the love and support of my online friends was almost overwhelming, almost ten-fold of what I got from real life friends and family. The messages, letters, some of you sent me stuff, it was amazing and really showed me that the online communities I participate in are more than just a small hobby. They're a large part of my life. It single-handedly sped up my recovery. Tl;Dr you kids are pretty cool.
  4. Ehhhh, yes and no. High movement speed is king in arena shooters that use projectile instead of hit scan (Quake, Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress). It wouldn't really make sense in an environment like Halo unless you want kill times to be that much longer. At the same time, most people probably don't want that underwater feeling vanilla Halo 3 gave us either.
  5. This was essentially Halo 2 multiplayer in a nutshell. With pro players "working" for 343, I'm certain there will be a competitive playlist with whatever rules the community decides, which will probably involve no sprint, I hope. The real question is whether it'll flourish like the H3 MLG playlist or drown in mediocrity like H4's competitive playlist. I never played the beta, but it's odd to me that people keep pointing out map size and down scaling. Are the maps awkwardly large? We've tested upped base speed in lieu of sprint on 2 games with sprint and both times is worked just fine.
  6. Bravo seems like the kind of guy you can grab a beer with and he'll pay the tab because you're his new special friend. He seems genuine. He catches a lot of flak for being so involved in the community and being one of the few to actually respond to people. His toddler-like excitement for Halo makes me happy.
  7. Nah bruh, I fell off the map for a little while. Did the whole "real life" thing. Over it. Now I'm back. I don't own a sexbox one though, so I guess the Halo dream is dead. Oh the irony. I was hoping he went to jail and came back out a changed man with tattoos and a more intimidating presence.
  8. That's unfortunate. Are we still bashing 343 and being angry keyboard warriors? Did anyone ever find and beat up AGL Brad? I think those are my two most important questions.
  9. So is Halo 5 cool? Do we play Halo 2 now? ARE WE BACK?! I know nothing, Jon Snow. PS long time no bullshit guys. How's life?
  10. I'm not sure what part of this screenshot you're questioning so I'll cover them all 1.) I earned the title "Demon Lord" by being at 666 rep for way too damn long and causing a war of + and - rep on all of my posts for a couple of days 2.) My avatar is my Jewy character from The Stick of Truth because that game was awesome 3.) I'm a member because being mod's for squares 4.) I have no warning points because I'm a good cookie 5.) Social media = life
  11. Oh lawd, we've got rep bars now?
  12. I can't wait to play Shotgun loadout Ninja Assassin Infinity CTF with concussion rifle ordinance. When I get my 50 in it, maybe Halo Waypoint will mention me in their next blog post.
  13. Yeah, that coupled with the fact that there's not shit to talk about in the only game I care about. Lol. But yeah it went well. Finally feeling like myself again. Still getting used to looking like Skrillex though. Beanies have become my best friend.
  14. My avatar actually isn't related, I just had a lot of fun playing Stick of Truth. Lmao. It does make sense though now that I look at it. I had a cancerous brain tumor.
  15. Weird. So I recently got brain surgery so of course through recovery my nerve endings have to heal around the incision site. So for like 3 weeks, whenever I touched my head or caught a draft and shiver, my body would go into sensory overload and just fuck my shit up. So if I shivered or something I would just start freaking out because I would start like convulsing until I gently patted my head. Hats became my best friend.
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