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  1. Ayyyyy now we on the jargon. Sorry being a douche lol but its the same as if someone calls bxr something other than the jargon the community has prescribed to it
  2. Chief got wounded in the fight he had with Locke that happened in the false advertising. Been hit with a few shells, now I walk wif a limp
  3. Haven't had a chance to play the 20XX TE yet. Does the replay system work well? Salvato seemed to really know what he was doing with it when he presented it.
  4. Do you feel like Stronghold plays that well anyways? Haven't watched/played enough for a good opinion on the game type.
  5. I'm attending school in South Carolina right now but I live in Appleton. Probably personally paid out Hunger/Marshall at least a cumulative 50$ in losing tournament matches to them lol
  6. I usually place in locals with my buster ass midwest Falcon, but here in Wisconsin we all get shit on by Inui anyways lol
  7. -Halo Combat Evolved -Super Smash Bros Melee -League of Legends -Kotor 2 -25th Combat Anniversary -Mirror's Edge -Pokemon Emerald -Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -Battlefront -Earth 2150: The Moon Project
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