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  1. Don't know if anyone has posted this yet but here's my rough guess for the Championship Bracket at Atlanta
  2. Just to note the games on stream will have players GT what I tweeted is only for non streamed games.
  3. This is where I got the roster info should be about 90% correct. http://www.gfinity.net/halo-5/cups/halo-europe/halo-5-2017-hwc-rosters/teams
  4. It did include them I think 4 PL and also the 4 that made it through the Cups, I'm still missing about 3 teams just waiting to find out who.
  5. HWC 2017 EU Update (not official) So I'm still waiting to see which teams are confirmed (think I'm missing a few) But here are the totals in points for the European side of HWC https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lHQuPmIrmQzlFWhKQQCgOB4k86w2-QQHYWsp7rKD9RQ/edit?usp=sharing and with the teams I know that're attending I've attempted a bracket http://challonge.com/HWCEU2017 All the details will be updated when I get more info but I thought I'd share it here.
  6. Awesome to see London Conspiracy picking up a Halo team again. Written article - http://londonconspiracy.co.uk/the-guardians-of-lc.html
  7. Just seen this on twitter Che and Strongside interview http://bleacherreport.com/video_embed?id=516e441a-4d25-4249-9c3b-84fd6b59a6ed&library=video-cms&tagID=90398
  8. I'm baffled about this EU relegation was done online and it may of had a max stream time of around 6 hours, the downtime between would be minimal as it's "LAN" I just don't get why?
  9. Wake up to see ogre 2 has retired and EU players are getting their pro statuses on TB.
  10. For any EU players that do want to compete tonight I've set up a Cup if people want to still play. https://battlefy.com/greatredshift/eu-halo-5-cup/573b39190a171b7a12f3464a/info Again it was out of our control, I just profusely apologize for what's occurred.
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