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  1. LMAO Our defense is littered with 4 and 5 star recruits, loads of talent, and ranked 125th out of 128 teams in total defense. Absolutely pathetic! Talent wise, I'd put our guys up there with any top team in the country. It's all coaching and effort at this point. Saw a vine last week of matthew thomas our star linebacker barely jogging out to the flat on UNC's final drive where it was tied up 28-28 and the guy ended up scoring a TD on same play. The phrase that comes to mind is "Hard work beats talent, especially when Talent doesn't work very hard" we can have all the 4/5 stars in the world but gotta put in the work!
  2. Hard to win when nobody is motivated. Looked awful from the start, fully deserved to get dominated. Lamar Jackson looks the real deal tho, whoever wins between Louisville/Clemson is going to playoff. Rest of Louisville schedule after Clemson is cupcake.
  3. How long does Hecz let flame and maniac stay in the house? Flame is just GTL'ing jersey shore style and Maniac is on the cusp of being the best music producer ever Can/will we see the actual halo team in the house!?!
  4. Super late but insane opening weekend followed by the most boring weekend in college football history lol I would love for FSU to not pull a 2014 again... idk if my heart can handle coming back from a huge deficit every game. Showtime series was awesome too. I think one of Jimbo's best qualities is poking/prodding a defense early on and then exposing those fallacies he figured out in 2nd half. Dalvin cook's best position was in the defense's minds. We killed OM on play action and cook still quietly had 100 rushing 100 receiving. Luckily in my mind most of our flaws we saw week 1 can be fixed or mostly fixed. Don't think we will see another defensive front as talented as Ole Miss until Clemson.
  5. Used to enjoy Optic for the content. Now their ability to show as little interest in getting better at halo (from fans perspective) is pretty annoying. Prolly gonna swing to a team who actually cares....
  6. What are the teams lately? Haven't watched a scrim for a long time so I'm out of the loop
  7. There are several articles out there that explain Saban's whole process. He's all about power, for himself. He tried his same power trip stuff in the NFL on all the millionaires and big egos and it didn't quite work out as well. He recruits very well and then has all of those kids brainwashed. If you are an 18 year old and come to a program where everyone is drinking the kool-aid, winning natty's and going to the NFL junior year you'd shut up and drink it too!
  8. my family has season tickets to all home games this year so I'm hoping to get to a couple as well!
  9. Is it just me or would a well practiced team of former/current COD players be one of the top teams in halo? Obviously hypothetical but for example - Formal, Enable, Huke, Crim? Idk who the fourth would be but those first 3 would be an amazing core of players... I wonder if Hecz was serious about Formal playing Halo for a few months ...... would be so cool to see how he stacks up
  10. I'm 25 and I started on the very tail end of CE. Used to LAN with my friends all the time but we were trash. Really got into competitive halo in H2 when it was on every saturday on TV and my older brother and I played non-stop, been playing ever since. I remember a specific time on hang em high when I had 3 bullets in my pistol and one of my buddies was like i'll stand still bc there is no way you will kill me with 3 shots, and I 3 shot him and we all freaked out lol good times!
  11. Heinz is a solid pickup for Optic. Like most people here I don't think Optic's problem is the player's potential, they are all really solid players they just gotta want to get better. Somebody else said it in here but if they are just ok with producing content and being bottom feeders then that's really sad IMO
  12. I think our number 1 concern for injury would be Dalvin/Offensive line. Defense is insanely loaded and could have next man up with little/no problem. Dalvin having a great year will help open up the passing game for Francois. If Dalvin were to go down then a TON of pressure would be on Francois to produce.
  13. I live in Atlanta and was at that game... it was pretty embarrassing from JJ. Also, team looked 100% disinterested and not motivated at all. Wasn't a true display of our potential IMO
  14. Haven't caught up lately, what are teams looking like? Is it still god squad envy? roybox and ninja on EG? Who's on E6? who's on liquid? Optic doing anything (LOL)?
  15. pretty decent opening weekend, yet to see Chelsea but strongest teams looked like Liverpool, United and City in that order. United looked a tiny bit stronger than Liverpool but there is a big difference between arsenal and bournemouth! United looked pretty solid, classic Mourinho display. Controlled, physical, and defensively minded while pouncing on the opponents mistakes. Ibra doing Ibra things and throw Pogba in that team and should have a decent campaign. Insanely impressed by Fellaini today, won several tackles and had like a 98% passing ratio. If Mourinho can have him playing well imagine what he can get out of Pogba!
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