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  1. Pro Team logos on flags and Shrine/Warlord bases would be GLORIOUS for HCS events, but I can't handle dick pics and goatse images all over my matchmade games.
  2. Got back in touch just before MCC, I live in Australia now though so playing with the old names can be a challenge. I found 5 extremely refreshing, I didn't touch Halo 4 after the Campaign. :halo: STOKED to see what 343 do with 5 as far as competition goes. I'll send you a FR, maybe spend some time sitting in a lobby searching sometime soon.
  3. Hi all, long time lurker - first time poster. Little bit of background: I'm an EU player, began my competitive career on Halo 2, - I only found the scene during the primordial stages of Halo 2's life in Europe (still played CE religiously.) Played throughout 2's lifecycle, began winning EU tournaments on Halo3, represented Great Britain at WCG 2008 where we lost out to Canada who went on to win it. I hung up my controller as Halo 3 began to dry up in Europe, shortly before The Buks, MVP and Reaction headed stateside to claim their Pro Status. It was then I became a caster. I casted plenty of Halo 3 and some Halo Reach in Europe before moving out to beautiful Australia! Since then I have been a bigtime lurker, Halo 4 just did nothing for me, but the undying love of the game and the community kept me around. The lure of the MCC and the promise of Halo CE and 2 again was so incredibly powerful no one could resist its charm, and like so many came crawling back. I recently casted EGL/HCS Battle of Europe alongsidethat guy @@TheSimms, Wonderboy and Strongside, who will surely be casting more in the future, check him out on the EGL Youtube page, he's a natural. Get at me on Twitter for major shits and giggles and hopefully I'll get to meet some of you at a Stateside event this year! Miles
  4. Inverted the crazy hair for a beard that will soon be crazy. About equal. You feeling the buzz for Halo 5?
  5. It's been a long time Beau. You transcended Halo films forever with Mastery. Anyone who ever makes another montage or machinima film will owe you everything. Good to see you still lurking. Miles
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