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  1. Twitch is somehow now available via my work's Wifi. Get headphones, sneaky position for my phone and a bag of nuts. Come online to find everyone saying GGs and calling it a night. RIP me.
  2. Fell behind massively this week but sweet Jesus the last few pages have been so worth it. So stoked for lil' Seduce to have found a team and with great names no less, hope they can deliver. ANZ Championship qualifier #1 also starts this weekend, but only community streams for this one. TL;DR YAY HALO.
  3. Old Immunity lineup was Benno, Voltage, Heff, OGRE1. Seduce only joined in H5.
  4. He lives with another ANZ player in LA, they are both sweating for Pro League glory/Facebook profile pics. Awesome commitment.
  5. Is this the same Mark I met at Worlds? @@Vivi IS THAT YOU!?
  6. All the memes, analysis and play by play posts of the RNG vs CLG scrims were amazing. Thank you all.
  7. Hyena came to a bunch of H2/H3 UK events and competed, always put on a show. We knew he was a different breed from the beginning though, cool dude.
  8. Loved seeing both ends of that no scope on Maniac. Mikwin looking HOT.
  9. Every time you mention Shadowrun my heart sings. You forever have my +rep.
  10. Had to abandon 50+ pages over the weekend. FOMO has hit. Anything noteworthy happen outside of FPS vs FPS chat?
  11. So whats going on with Denial's Roster? Majin Dubuu's net has been down for over 7 hours now, still not certain how that impacts the announcement.
  12. Extremely grateful dudes, I've much to learn and all feedback is welcome. On topic: a top secret meeting of the Halo Illuminati was held recently in the City of Angels, I'd expect more info to drop sharpish.
  13. I'm new here be gentle. Currently at full mast for Pro League, it's going to be delicious.
  14. Hey guys, long time lurker. This weekend is honestly going to be the most spectacular event Halo has ever seen, and we the casting team are going to bust as many nuts as it takes to make it as memorable and enjoyable from start to finish for everyone. Currently, as the heralds of the side stream, myself, Onset and Strongside decree that it is going to be dirty, and a hella dank compared than the main stream. Let us know any filth you want blasted out over it and we will do the best we can. Tweets are ideal right now. @MiloRoss @OnsetHalo @MCStrongside Thanks for all the support, you beautiful bastards. Really hope you enjoy the weekend.
  15. Make it 3 Latinas and we've got a party. But you can't be living in the US while playing in the Latin cup, its in ze rules.
  16. Are 3 of your teammates US Citizens? Then you are all good AFAIK.
  17. Yeah it works, they'll probably drop all the info during the World Champs, reboot the dreams of all the players who missed out on qualification.
  18. 1983 Slave Leia though, Carrie ain't what she used to be. Chewie has had some serious work done, you see how good he is looking these days?
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