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  1. I don't want to see tons of tips and 20 minute analysis videos. I want to see more of the person "Royal 2", I always prefer the content that shows what you do/are like as a human being. I don't mean endless vlogs of you pumping iron because it is frankly dull. Things like pre/post scrim chats and thoughts, how you personally approach improvement or practice, travel vlogs (if there is ever another LAN) sharing your personal goals etc or how being on top of Halo 5 makes you feel. I personally am more interested in the substance that makes you a person. I like to be able to root for the people not just the players on a team, and there is a difference. Think Walshy, or Naded. I love the idea that fans who know absolute jaque-schitt about Halo, know about these players and their stories, and want to get behind them. Obviously don't go down this path if you are a very private person, if so you can bang out some jump vids or click bait videos of you drinking too much chocolate milk i duno.
  2. Can confirm, was good. Some cake footage can be found on Greenskull's recap vid from the HWC.
  3. Waiting for this to blow over before offering my services as a contractor (Or freelancer @Onset) to winner of the Event Organizer war.
  4. Those EG skins about to become collectors items? Better grab them now.
  5. Standard CWL night in Australia. Incredibly demanding, and then your co-host starts calling you Dad. That's the moment when you know you need more Talent.
  6. Woke up to the news of Tri-cast AND Bald Unit, glorious.
  7. No idea, it's just one of those idioms we've all likely grown up with. My Dad's (English) side of the family have always used it in conversation. No clue where it originated from either.
  8. Live events no problem. In regards to the Pro League, this is where Spectator mode would greatly benefit from a mini map.
  9. I feel you Chad, but I don't think its his confidence so much at this stage. This is Mike's first time as a dedicated front runner for a show, he has production in one ear whilst still having to construct and deliver eloquent and informative sentences and needless to say it can be very confusing. Imagine being the conductor and the percussion section of an orchestra at the same time. He'll indubitably improve over the course of the league, Side is the man.
  10. Problems aside, I am thoroughly enjoying watching the Pro League so far. The future is bright.
  11. I will recite this using all my thespian ability the next time I am on stream for Halo. All credit to the scribe. Beautiful.
  12. Team logos on armour sets are 100% doable. Prepare your wallets. Hashtag Intel.
  13. Would you surgically fuse yourself to me in order to create the World's first commentary duo akin to Fodesinbeed Annodue from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace?
  14. Pics are rock solid. You got a fan for life here mate, good luck on your journey.
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