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  1. Bumping this oldie. Just a huge thanks for this entire thread Teapot, this was unquestionably one of the best games I have ever played. Thanks for taking me down memory lane in a wonderful way.
  2. It's called 'shockwave' and yes, it has only been used so far as a utility to drop vertically immediately, but now it has been significantly buffed turning you more into Danny Rand than anything.
  3. Pro League is one thing, I'm hoping for more events, Open Dedicated Server events to be precise.
  4. I'm concerned about the lack of news for future events. Correct me if I'm wrong but we've only got Dreamhack coming up? Where's my Halo 6? Or at least Halo 5: Guardians 2? Also congrats to whoever won whatever.
  5. Still not sure about the FFA... Glad I now know I need to wake up at 6am to catch Immunity play, feels like the (soccer) World Cup all over again.
  6. This is actually the exact same roster that went to Worlds last year. I've got high hopes for some upsets.
  7. Chat is hysterical. iM are an English team apparently. You know, the other English.
  8. There will be more chances my man, we will be reunited one day. If you should make it to any other games events this year WINK FACE we may be able to catch up.
  9. Much love man, but no Worlds for me this year, I've got other commitments. Still rooting for my EU/AU homies though. Also, send out @Wonderboy and @Onset for God's sake.
  10. Late, but thanks to all who tuned into the ANZ Qualifiers, we had a little too much fun casting that one. I hope you enjoyed my Frieza as much as Inmaniac did. Grats to Immunity who should also be heading out to the US early to bootcamp like last year, I know Seduce is looking forward to ending 2gre's career again. ONWARDS TO BURBANK! Now, back to lurking.
  11. No sound during stabilize, basically a sneaking suit. Edit: Moa.
  12. ANZ got 100% left out of the HaloWC news on Waypoint. Tears for a forgotten region.
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