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  1. So, by the looks of it. The tournament is finally played but the pros are DDoS'd. This is fucking shit.
  2. So I am guessing because of people complaining about scheduling conflicts, that the online cup #1 is this weekend.
  3. In this day and age, where everything is documented and out there at the click of a button. No one will buy it, There will be no (substantial) crowd in 5 years. I don't even think 343i will be around in 5 years. I know for sure that MCC will still be broke in 5 years.
  4. Still no top 8 for Sudds. Will they get green before Halo 5?
  5. Despite the spelling mistake. This is the quote of the thread. Leads me on to think that what if Halo 5 is met with lukewarm sales and customer dissatisfaction? 343i scrapped and Halo in limbo is my opinion. If this does happen what household IP exclusive does the Xbox One have? Gears of War but in my opinion that will never live up to the legacy Halo (did and) should have.
  6. I think the current H2A forge is great just if it was put in Forgeworld and given a wider color palette with maybe half a dozen skins for each item then it would be good for just friends to mess about and create silly maps. However a PC editor on parallel to that of the CSGO one would be the best step forward. Allowing those who have the skills to leap forward and into a bigger pond where we could see some absolute beauties of online maps which then could be implemented into playlists and even HCS.
  7. you making some questionable life decisions, ditching uni during exam week is for #intel is pretty stupid imo. Should have went to uni then on your way home picked up some popcorn and enjoyed it while reading all the #intel.
  8. Cheers. Just from the read and the pictures, I can't believe they outsourced it so much. You'd think the once biggest ip for xbox would be handled with a bit more care
  9. Does anyone have any stats or info on where the game was outsourced to? I know a developer in Scotland, were contracted to do some work.
  10. Forgot what time the cup started, meaning I may have missed some streams for my stream data graphs things. I fucked up. No point starting now. Will make sure I am ready for next cup though.
  11. I still can't comprehend why Winterfox are supposedly splitting up. In the preseason cups, we all in this forum called them online warriors. For the online warriors first event together and coming 4th should be an achievement. 8 online cups coming up until the next event should be enough practice for Indianapolis to were they could pose a serious threat. There must have been something seriously wrong that I am overlooking.
  12. Right, I must be blind or dumb. Probably both. Why are the current Winterfox splitting up? Didn't they all just sign contracts with the org? I thought they did pretty well at Atlanta, sure they weren't as good as they were online, but good enough to have foundations in the LANs and make progress in the next tourney and push for top placing in finals.
  13. So tracking the stats for the streams this weekend is going to be a bitch.
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