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  1. It takes extra planning, and extra work. And extra planning and extra work are extra hard things.
  2. Dealing with 343 like (I wish I had any photo-shop skills to put certain faces certain places)
  3. Strongside is bad. But so is Goldenboy. He is not fluid. He is the OPPOSITE of fluid. He is clunky as all hell. He literally reminds me of someone who tries to play volleyball and just falls all the time. And if he is "one of the best play by play options available" then lord help us all. Not saying I don't like them personally, because they seem like decent and caring people, but neither of them are good for the positions they've been put in. They would be better used somewhere else within the scene. Interviewing? PR? Idk. Want to see the best casters/commentators for eSports of all time? And what eSports casting and commentating should look and feel like? Watch League. Or Starcraft. Or Counterstrike. 5 Star experience all the way around. Watching Halo these last few years has felt nothing like any of those eSports. I just fucking cringe most of the time. And half of what these Halo casters talk about is just fluff. And the other half of the time, they don't even finish their thoughts. Shit. I bet there are Team Beyond members who could fill the positions better than SS or GB.
  4. TFW you get your gold back on Team Beyond because you want to see Halo hit new heights in 2017, but then you see the same old shit production in these tournaments.
  5. Hi. Been off here for awhile, (divorce, moving, life, shit, etc.) I'm back and excited for some memes, oh and some Halo.
  6. You're missing Cratos going -48 in 8 games vs. CLG right now. (Including 2 wins. Series is 2-6). Optic still looking really good. Up 3-0 with 2 not so close games. RNG and Liquid in a really close series. RNG 2 - 1 Liquid
  7. I personally don't like to see pictures of young Emma Watson, makes me feel guilty about wanting to......well.......lets say "upvote" old Emma Watson.
  8. Have you addressed leaving Winterfox without a single word to your teammates? (If what Shooter said is correct)
  9. No, people like "divruley" need to change. They make twitch chat the shit show that it is. Not to mention it is not okay to talk about mental conditions that way. What a horrible human being.
  10. 100 Thieves in CoD boys. https://www.twitch.tv/callofduty
  11. 100 Thieves is going to be big. Nadeshot already has more of a name/following than several top Halo organizations just from the fact that it is Nadeshot. And coming from competing as a player, I bet he is going to pay a decent salary and understand the needs of the players. I'd 100% not be surprised if a team has already reached out to him.
  12. I actually like that name more that some current eSports names we have.
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