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  1. I'll do it if you want. Any ideas on what you're looking for?
  2. Can't wait for today to start. A lot of upsets yesterday. Does anyone have a link to the brackets? Thanks
  3. I'd say Ogre2 is delighted to see the FB logo on mainstage again, where it belongs.
  4. FB have a pretty hard bracket...not too sure if they will beat CoL. It would be insane to watch if they did though
  5. Will stepping in to fill the 4th spot for tonight. Wonder how they'll do. EDIT - I can't embed his tweet for some reason.
  6. I think Jkap is pretty pissed about the way Mboze left Faze. Off Topic: Why can't I embed tweets into my posts? All I have to do is copy the embed code from the tweet on twitter right?...
  7. Nadeshot announced it on his Twitter there as well. Wonder how these guys will mesh.
  8. Thanks for embedding the tweets. Shots are still being fired. Can't wait for Scump to release a video.
  9. Shots are being fired on Twitter. i don't know how to embed tweets into my post but Hecz is calling Scump out on his loyalty. Also Scump said he'd still be on Optic if it wasn't for Nadeshot...wonder what went down.
  10. Scump tweeted and said he didn't get dropped. I think he was just sick of losing. Can't wait to see this new nV squad.
  11. Any idea if it's available in the EU yet?
  12. Watched some of the rebroadcasts on YouTube from previous events. Some of the guys are interesting. The stream gets a lot of views (In one of the YT vids I heard them say they were the top stream on Twitch at that moment). It's also for a very good cause. I'll watch as much as I can.
  13. I wish Primal was still together. It was very interesting watching an entire team of Halo pros match up against the COD ones. Although the Final Boss squad will fill this void for me next event.
  14. Really good deals so far. Does anybody know if games like Bioshock Infinite and CS:GO would work properly on Windows 8? I did some research and all I found was mixed reviews.
  15. OpTic not looking too great at the moment. If Primal had to play them instead of Unite I think Primal would have taken it.
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